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 Anything and everything. I have my DVR setup and recording all my favorites: “I am Jazz”, ” My Big Fat Fabulous Life”, “PLL”, “Return to Amish”, “so you think you can dance”, “The Fosters” “angel from hell” and “little people big world” and of course America’s Got Talent! I have archives of “The first 48, Younger and Bringing up Bates.
I’m successfully reading nothing but on my shelf in front of me I have dived into ” Find your happy: a mantra a day book” “Let it out” and I want to start my audible on Me before You- because I hear it’s good and the movie sounds very moving too!
Being tired. I am not getting the same sleep I did months ago and I think it’s safe to blame the dogs. #ihavenoroom #dogsrulethebed #kickingmeinthekidney . Although we got a new bed, I’m really still dying for a bigger one (a KING) and I wish I could like, finance one. #complicated
Nothing. But I am starving… so I should do that. Probably gonna be chicken sandwich or some kind of fast food because our friend is on his way over. #dirtyhairdontcare #starving #iateasourgummypeach #ihadpizza
 My niece’s birthday. I’m so excited to see her and my sister & bro from another mother! I don’t know what to get her but they just live right over the bridge so maybe this is the first step to seeing them more often. I know what stores she likes and music, books etc. But what do you get somebody who you love that you haven’t seen in like 10 years!?!?!? I miss them so bad.


Blog posts! I am excited to come back! I am a little late in the day to be posting this but I figured a little random something is better than none at all. I’m writing like crazy and going to try to schedule daily writing even if only for fifteen minutes.


BORA-BORA and GREECE! Okay, flights, fares, travel costs and AirBNBs! STAT. I’m thinking end/start of the year-We will make this happen this year, it’s been too long even since we went to the beach. And private vacation refresher time is needed in any kind of intimate relationship-especially 7 years later!
 Florida Georgia Line and I’m loving the song “Wild Things” Alessia Cara- I can’t get enough it’s been totally my lady jam!
 Summer! Between having Justin here (<- Go check it out if you haven’t read it yet) and just doing lots of fun things, PokemonGo walks and enjoying the great weather to hold onto through the quiet, yucky months of the PNW. Which will be a few more months off yet but also too soon to come. The lake and trail we have here has been so pleasant to enjoy and soak up. And the pool as well!

BEST WEEK EVER! 6/25-7/3/16


Back in like December we planned having one of Sean’s friends, Justin, to come stay with us for a week to hang out and show him the around Portland. He has never been to Oregon so we had a lot to pack in for 8 days. June 25th we had him fly in and we were all so excited for a fun week! We arrived early and had a lovely breakfast at Beaches. Then we learned his flight was delayed and bags were “misplaced”-although they were on the flight and the flight was only delayed due to Obama being in town for a conference.  He easily found us, we grabbed his bags and we were on our way!


Since we promised all these great outings we got right to it the next day. We all got up bright and early to head off to the Oregon Zoo! We saw the new elephant habitat (that tripled in size) and their new lake outdoor area.  We saw the cheetahs and their habitat, none of us realized that they were so naturally thin in body size. We also really enjoyed the sea lion and the giraffes. I really enjoyed all of it. We did get stuffed animals and tee shirts on our way out as well- Justin had to have a memento to take back with him.  On the way home we stopped by Hawthorne which is a hipster/chill kind of street in the SE Portland area with all kinds of cool shops and restaurants. But we were too tired from the zoo so we didn’t stay long. We walked up and down once and took a different way home.


The next day we went to the mall to explore, spend a bit of “fun time” and show him some cool stores that had some gaming and nerdy stuff that he’s into. We jumped into Famous Footwear, Game Stop, Hot Topic and Build a Bear.


After a day of rest, the next place we took him was Darcells, a local famous drag club and show in downtown Portland. It’s a great venue and lots of fun for everyone alike. It’s about an hour long show in which people basically get (drag)ged up on stage and embarrassed. The victim this time- was my very straight husband and not our very not straight friend and it was his birthday too. It was pretty funny! We got lots of pictures and video which you can check out below… get ready!


The night after we celebrated Sean’s birthday at Dave & Busters, the adult arcade and restaurant. We invited Sean’s parents too so they could come celebrate a little and having dinner together. Each of us enjoyed a drink (or two) and some easy lovely dinner. Sean’s parents have never been there so they checked out the arcade and looked around and then went home so we could play games. A few hours later we had played almost all the games and earned about 11,000+ tickets/points to redeem. He was able to get a giant (2ft or more) Pikachu Pokemon. He was SO excited to get it and bring it home- we still have to ship it back to Kansas. At some point we went to Shirleys Tippy Canoe restaurant. It was on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives show on Food network – the view and the food were incredible! We have gone back since, still amazing and great live music on weekends.



The last day we took a walk around the lake and saw the Finding Dory movie. We took the dogs with us on the walk and Maggie was so tired by the end of it panting and laying on the cool floor. Bouncer loved the walk and was happy the whole way. We took a few pictures on the way and talked about the differences between Kansas and Oregon. The movie was amazing! It was much more heartfelt and emotional than the first edition but had some parts when Dory was just “being Dory”.  It also touched base on a lot of the prior movie and the details in it. I really enjoyed it and might have gotten teary eyed a few times.

13528924_506265862896145_8939309811605688956_n 13600329_506268422895889_6052194040907520928_n

When we act ually had to take him to the airport to be honest, it was hard because a week with someone new, having all this fun and then to see them fly home and return to “real life” is hard to do. We spent some time, got his ticket printed, checked him into his flight and then we hugged and said goodbye. We miss him a lot but the guys talk frequently and he’ll be planning to come back again next year with his vacation days off. I’m so happy it all worked out and he really enjoyed his first trip to Oregon! Next time…… BEACH!


Bloggy Brunch #28


Hello my lovely gal friends, yes it’s me again and I’m definitely still alive. I was gone awhile and had a random and unexpected hiatus. I had some company for a week in town that you can read about here tomorrow- it was a lot of fun! But then I had no time to share, things got busy and I wasn’t sitting at my desk anymore so nothing got written. Anyway, I’m back and I wasn’t trying to leave anyone hanging-I’m sorry I did. I didn’t know what to share this week since I have been MIA for about a month and I don’t know what’s what or who’s who now.. but feel free to drop me a line or comment saying hi or an intro or a fun fact- whatever you feel like. Let’s converse!!! So I’ll leave you with some quotes that really spoke to me:

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(found via Pinterest-find on QUOTES board)

I’m here to recommit and share with you this weeks’ Bloggy Brunch linkup. We are still enjoying hearing from you and seeing all your lovely posts! So share the blog love to each other while making new friends as well. Remember to please comment on others and share a link you’d like some love on as well. I hope you have a happy and super productive week! I plan on it 🙂


mish-mosh of catching up

First, I don’t want to be the annoying one to jump on the bandwagon but, I’m terribly sick about the current events however I have to put in my two cents and honor them.

Christina Grimmie
found via google images

All my love and prayers go to Christina Grimmie who was shot outside a concert venue and lost her life at the young age of 22. She was a super talented and beautiful singer with a gift of an amazing voice and I think the world and music community will miss her talents greatly. Her won season 6 of The Voice where Adam Levine of Maroon 5 was her coach. They were very close and he paid his respects in public and offered to pay for  her funeral arrangements.
As well, a day or two later there was a violent attack and all out shooting on 50 people who were victims at a [gay] club in Orlando. Many undeserving and innocent people lost their lives-many of which still had many years and full lives to lead ahead of them. And for the tragedy all in all, I’m terribly sorry and I’ve been pretty broken up about it. I did not know anyone in these events nor did I know or meet Christina but I’ve followed her for a long time and I’m deeply saddened by all the loss.

That being said- I’ll move on… Rest in peace everyone.


A few weeks ago I had a hair appointment for a touch up of color and a trim. I didn’t wanna go too wild and with some news that my friend might not stay at her current salon- so we will start something different this fall. Maybe dark brown with highlights or something caramel colored. We talked about life, mutual friends and hobbies. I told her that my hair felt dry and stripped but  needed toning mostly. She agreed and told me that she wanted to give me a more blunt cut and make the A line a little sharper. So she dyed my roots to blend them, washed me up and toned my hair out to the ends. The shampoo and conditioner she used smelled like tropical heaven- as most of them do. She used a deep conditioner and we talked while it soaked into the roots. We also tried a sea salt mist for my hair that made it beautifully tousled and messy cutesy. It was easy too. I’m gonna try to “style” my hair more often or let it go natural and not just ponytail it constantly. I love the new DryBar shampoo and conditioner I got- it’s amazing! My hair feels nourished and clean but not stripped or dry. And it smells good all day like a salon variety but not harsh smelling. I especially love it when my hair can be messy cute and I love that the upkeep on this hairstyle is literally nothing.


My hedgehog is taking to us more everyday, which makes me happy that she has such a warm demeanor. She just sleeps the day away every day and most night time too. I wake her up for some interaction and play time one time a day unless I get real busy. She gets busy during the night when we sleep and hasn’t made too much noise since we closed off the cage walls with plastic corrugated cardboard material. She learned she can’t escape! She has a sweet temperament and she’s been coming to me on her own for a while now.  I clean her cage once a week and get her food one teaspoon daily. And usually it’s gone by morning light so she’s healthy and happy lil hedgehog. I need to keep trimming her nails and giving her baths which she dislikes. But I never take it personally so it’s alright with me. We got her a canvas covered kennel run track so she can freely run and exercise and get on her wheel as she grows some more. The dogs still don’t like her or understand what she is but that’s why I got the covered cage so they wont try anything with her and the top is high enough that they can’t get to her. She enjoyed it once so I know she’ll get lots of use out of it. She did so well on her wheel the first time too I was so proud. She loves when she has a clean cage with new bedding and clearly gets excited when her potty tray is cleaned and changed out for new litter. Her noises “huffs” and “puffs” are funny and now are few and far between. She’s sensitive to light and the more she cuddles you the more she’ll let you hold her. She likes to nibble your fingers and ‘taste’ everything around her. She’s a curious one too- since it took us to long to block the inside bars in the cage; she was a climbing maniac-which isn’t safe for them. Now she gazes up when I come to the cage to say hi or reach my hand in, she sniffs it a little and comes closer. A great addition to our pet family!


I’ve been missing blogging now for some time and it feels good to start writing again even if just to catch up and say hi. I didn’t have anything helpful or constructive to say lately so I just waited until I had enough “life stuff” to share. I have a few posts I’m slowly working on but I know once they are done you’ll enjoy them. I want to produce a home tour, a recap of having Justin here in Portland and all our adventures, a set of July Goals and some others I’ve been meaning to write and add to my archives. On top of that- some small exciting news… I got a new ring! I’m blessed to have this amazing man walk beside me through life and he’ll never know how special he is to me. We both kinda upgraded our rings a bit and I’m awaiting my ring after it’s resizing. I’m anxious and excited! Check it out below.


soo pretty right?? I’ll share more just as soon as I get another post done-ASAP! Promise.


Currently: June



I just finished  the audio book version of “Is everyone hanging out without me?” By Mindy Kaling and I thought it was so great! It was just cute, easy to relate to and funny throughout the whole thing.  Would you like to see a book review of it?  Let me know in the comments below.


 I’ve been crazily watching tv! It’s been my favorite past time and at the top of list of things to do when I’m bored- I’ll always choose a new show to watch or catch up with. These are things I’ve watched recently, TV, Netflix, and Hulu.

  • Last Man Standing
  • America’s Got Talent
  • OutDaughtered
  • Sister Wives
  • The Hunt with John Walsh
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 2
  • Minions
  • Kevin from Work (still watching)
  • Prescription Thugs
  • Rizzoli and Isles (addicted! Still watching on Hulu)
  • Fixer Upper
  • The Out List
  • Ali Wong: Baby Cobra (comedy stand up)
  • Real Housewives of New York City


I’ve been snacking a lot, not totally like healthy stuff. But I’m going to try to change that some. Haven’t been drinking nearly enough water again like I was a month ago so picking that habit back up.

Thinking about:

Hanging out with friends this weekend. Excited to see a few people I haven’t visited with in months (read: years). I’m excited to get my nails done and get some bills paid.

Looking forward to:

The end of the month when Justin (Sean’s buddy gamer online) is coming to town and we are going to the drag show! 🙂 HELL YEAH! It’ll be fun to have him here and show him around.


Reading new blogs on  bloglovin’ and commenting back more again. I fell out of the habit of actually reading for fun and not just focusing on my own blog. I spent many hours last night when I couldn’t sleep, reading and saving posts that I loved.


How to juggle the things in life. Sometimes it’s kinda a lot!


All the sunshine!  🙂 Yay Spring/Summer!

What’s going on with you lately?


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