My Anti-Bucket List


So maybe you’ve seen these around on other blogs and wondered to yourself what they are. Or maybe you haven’t seen them and you have no clue. Well since a bucket list is like a goals list of things you want to do in your life then an anti-bucket list would be the things you would never do in a million years, even if someone paid you to. I thought this was an extra special fun post to share with my answers and you can (please do) comment below and share some of your anti-things. I bet we can come up with some not so fun things together..

Here’s the things I could NEVER DO:

  • Go Tech Free// forever

I believe in a little tech free day or an afternoon without tv or electronics but I couldn’t survive without Instagram and Pinterest and my Snapchat addiction.

  • Learn the Chinese language

I’ve heard many people say it’s the new “spanish” but I have no desire to ever learn such a complicated and choppy sounding language. I can barely speak my own. I tried to learn French and that was pretty difficult.

  • Wear CROCS

Those feet coverings are just wrong.. I can’t even. A fashion travesty. 


I have a severe fear. of. heights. nope!

  • Get Plastic Surgery

Now, honestly I joke and will talk about getting my “boobs” done. The desire is there. But I know that I am 100% too chicken to follow through with it. I have never had surgery or even broken a bone so to “fix something” that ain’t broke=no pain please! NO thanks!

  • Own a reptile

Snakes, Lizards, Geckos- some are less creepy to me than others but owning any slimy crawling animals, I’ll pass. I don’t trust anything in a  tank in that case.

  • Visit NYC

I have had a bunch of people near me go to NYC, but all the glitz and glamour and Times Square magic can really cloud your brain. Sure it’s fine for some people and I’m sure it’s honestly a fantastic place to live. But I have no desire to go to such an overrated place. Too busy, too rude and just not worth it to me. Bye Naked Cowboy!

  • Go on a backpacking hiking trek

HIKING, for several hours carrying heavy cargo?!? Camping outside probably on the side of a cliff in the middle of nowhere…?? BUGS? And things that bite and go bump in the night- don’t bother to sign me up. I’ll be in my bed dreaming of sugar plums dancing in my head.

  • Karaoke

I sing. I sing, well. I do not feel comfortable singing well- in front of others in a half empty bar. I’d rather get drunk and listen to everyone else instead. (Keep the Long Islands coming…)

  • Swim with Sharks

Let’s tell you a short story: I have never been able to swim. Okay that’s the story and after lessons all my life- I still cant swim well enough to save my own life. So being terrified in the water with a 2500lb shark outside a cage- um, not my personal idea of fun or cool or even fascinating.

  • Go to jail

I do not commit crimes. I can’t imagine doing anything that wrong or against my morals but

  • Eat Indian Curry

It’s spicy and that’s pretty  much my reason. I don’t think I’d like the flavor of it. It’s for some people maybe but not for these taste buds.

  • Cheat and/or get a divorce

I have never cheated. I would never get a divorce (please leave your “well you don’t know so… blah blah blah” at the door, I don’t wanna hear it.) I know I wouldn’t ever do this. I would try. I would invest and do the work. I came from a broken home and a shattered family- I do not want to turn into yet another statistic.

  • Write a post, article etc about pro-choice/pro-life

I am middle fence with this one. TRULY! I can’t even explain my standing because I’ve never been in this position. I DO NOT judge or shun someone for their choice either way. I would not be one to write about it or other conflicts in the world (i.e war, death, trafficking, religion, policy, politics etc.) It is your body, your choice either way.

I hope you enjoyed my list and explanations of the things I’d never do. I’m sure I have a ton more so maybe there’ll be a part 2? Would you like that? Tell me what you think below. I’d really love your feedback.

Now go out and chase the dreams and goals you DO WANT! No better moment than the present.



Bloggy Brunch #33


Another week is already over and now another Sunday is upon us! If you missed last week we announced that we are starting a twitter chat called #bloggybrunch (Sundays-11amPST/2pmEST) and we have new graphics if you haven’t noticed! We had to update and change things up for the new edition. Be sure to link up and leave some comment love on other posts.

What did you do this week? I’m excited to say we made some great new friends (D&S) and we’re stoked to be moving soon. Went together to all go look for a place today and saw one really great option in a new home construction for exactly what we need and in home AC- which in Oregon is uncommon. So that’s a huge bonus! We are going to see two more houses tomorrow in a different area where my husband once lived.


This week I’m featuring Jessica  from Wonder Riot-she recently wrote 6 ways to Improve Your Marriage. She starts off by saying that she soaks up marriage advice like a sponge which, I for one do too! A lot of main points were covered about apologizing, being clean, good communication and be a safe harbor for your partner always. I am totally into the marriage post and since no relationship is perfect- all you can do is work on it to make it better every day. You should go check her out and tell her I sent ya!

Currently: August 2016

currently august

It’s already August- WHAT?!?! That’s incredible. This year has flown by so very fast. Who else feels like it should only be like May…? Weird stuff. This month has been a little crazy and a little boring. I usually do this monthly linkup pretty regularly and so I figured as I had nothing planned yet-I shouldn’t miss the opportunity! Here’s what’s been going on in my neck of the woods:


I’ve been on a binge of 1. Marriage at First Sight and 2. Covert Affairs, I’ve been watching each of these religiously for months now and just almost to the end of each. Both great shows that I highly suggest. Marriage at First Sight is ON DEMAND on your cable provider-season 4 is airing.  Covert Affairs you can find on Prime if you have it. It’s since ended or been cancelled.

Blogs mostly, Facebook statuses (not about the election or strikes against police) and also my long to do list. I’ve been reading my slack groups a lot as well too! I have a couple of books I’m still working on; slowly but surely. I’m halfway through listening to Yes Please by Amy Pohler on Tun.In Radio /audio book. I’ve really enjoyed that too!

listening to|
Lindsey Stirling and a lot of random great music on Thumbprint Radio on Pandora. Thankful I have a year long subscription so I can do all my work to my favorite stations.

The Complaint Free Challenge on Facebook with Mora Wimmer. I really adore her and I’ve come to feel like a dear close friend with her because of this 7 day push. I know I can become complaint free or darn near and be in a much happier, more positive daily head space. It’s working well so far and I’m gaining all kinds of awareness and techniques to deal with it and how to handle others.

I’m stronger than I think I am. I am one tough chick and even when I may get stressed or overwhelmed and have a lot on my mind- I can totally handle it.


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All the things (via PInterest)

thinking about| 

I haven’t announced it but we are moving (yes again- believe me, I’m glad we are). Just about 30 mins from where we are to Vancouver area somewhere? We haven’t found a place yet though but lots of possibilities that are in our budget and get our needs met.


Bloggy Brunch #32 & #bloggybrunch twitter party


Surprise! We have a new graphic and a new co-host! Alex from Haifisch.

Welcome to another edition of Bloggy Brunch and this week we have something special to share. If you missed it-then you must be living under a rock because we’ve posted about it a zillion times before this week! #bloggybrunch twitter chat is coming TODAY! It will be at 11am PST (2pm EST) and we hope you join us using that hashtag. We’d love if you tell us your recommendations for topics from blogging, networking, collaborations, anything brunch and all things related.

So last week we didn’t share any favorites but I’m making up for it this week. So I hope you liked these posts as much if not more than I did. We are here to share and comment so please do so on any post that peaks your interest.

Country Mouse, City Spouse

Keeping a clean house when you don’t have time was a great post I thought and included a lot of points that are very helpful. By creating routines there isn’t anything left to chance and you always know what is coming next. Each step is planned and it helps to make your day somewhat automated then becoming second nature. Her name is Amy and she seems so awesome! I’m a total housewife and homemaker myself so I really can relate to her. Go check out her blog and send her some bloggy love.




Coming soon: Project Build Happiness!



Are you feeling like your healthiest, happiest, true self? If not, we are here to hope we can encourage you to have more self love and create a routine of daily happiness in your life with Project Build Happiness!

It’s been a long time coming (hours, days, months and not years but you get it) on Slack. Many conversations were had and each person took on a role or two or three to make this happen. We have a great bunch of ladies helping us pull this off!

It’s a 30 day challenge for the month of September based on how to find your happy. I really believe applying some of the things we will share with you will increase your happiness and the way you treat yourself. I’m sure by now you’re interested, well all we need if your email to sign up and you’ll receive emails to guide you through your happiness quest. In addition you’ll have access to a group called Project Build Happiness, the team called The Happiness Squad will be talking about various things all related to getting happy, being happy and staying happy in the everyday! It’s going to cover every facet of social media because it’s gonna be more effective that way!

Here’s what you can expect to get with Project Build Happiness:

  • 5 day welcome series explaining the project in depth (immediately after signing up!)
  • The Happiness Journal (coming to inboxes on August 28th)
  • Facebook group membership where you can build friendships and discuss life
  • daily prompts, motivation, and inspiration
  • access to our group Pinterest board
  • a chance to be featured on our Instagram account
  • weekly twitter parties
  • weekly newsletters
  • nine influencers willing to help you as you work on building more happiness in your life
  • so much more!

The group is open to females! Sorry men, we are just focusing on women who want to build their lady tribe, become bad-ass people, make new friends, create their own dreams and redefine their own happiness!

Hop on over to our sign up page and give us your email so that we can get you started! You’ll start receiving the five day welcome series right away and you’re welcome to unsubscribe at any time (although we really hope you won’t!).

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