The Spauldings: One Year Anniversary

O n e  Y e a r  A n n i v e r s a r y

I cannot believe its been a year since we got married! I mean it’s more than a wonderful experience to be a wife, that title means so much more to me than anyone can ever imagine. This last year has had its ups and downs; but definitely after a year we know now exactly what we have to work on. And a better idea of how to fix those things that have been a constant barrier to us so far. We have grown more together in the two years of being together and one of being man and wife than I ever thought we could be. I will always and forever know deep in my heart that this man is for me and only me and will remain at my side for years to come.
We have been tested of our stance together a few times in different situations with friends of mine and we have always come to the same conclusion. We must stand beside each other and should agree in our opinions about any sort of problem at the time. Our families since then have also proved to be difficult but now I believe “Family isn’t always blood.” It is now with this new life motto concerning people I bring into my life-it’s just not always true. Family is important, don’t get me wrong, I need to learn to appreciate them more and never take them for granted.
As of a year ago today, we would have already done our rehearsal and have already been split up waiting for our arrival into the society as man and wife. The weather is the same it was just a year ago today, a wet, rainy and cold day in the Pacific Northwest. I just can’t believe it’s already been a year and it seems as though it went by too fast. It took us a year to hang pictures of our special day which now I smirk and grin every time I pass them in our halls. We have truly realized and tried to keep those who are our true friends and people who will only support us in our new journey.
Our helpers from our wedding- Janae and Alex- we still keep in touch although as time moves on we ar just not as close as we once were. Maybe time will change that. Alex was like a brother and has always been there for us and Janae did so much for me as well supporting me and helping me along the way. As for Angela, well, we have grown apart some but she insists that we are “fine” and not trying to fight anymore. I shall continue to stand beside him with all that I am. This year has been great and there are many more to come….. god bless…. thank you for finding me, saving me and making me the happiest woman ever!
I love you honey and I always will.
To us. CHEERS!
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2 thoughts on “The Spauldings: One Year Anniversary”

  1. What a beautiful post! Isn't it funny how we think we know exactly what marriage will hold, but once you actually take on the moniker WIFE it's a whole new party! There is something so precious about it. I also totally understand where you're coming from on the family front. I have some of my own whose world sadly revolves around drama, and causing as much of it as possible- even if it means causing someone else pain. Sometimes there is no good choice, you have to just step away.

    I wanted to also take a moment to thank you! You are the very first, the numero uno, the match to the flame! to kick start the very first Weekender! I am so blessed you linked up!

    1. This was such a moving post to look back on and revamp a bit too. I appreciate your sweet and kind words and positively accurate viewpoint of changing in marriage. I heard this quote that goes "Family isn't always bloood…" from a church goer friend of my MIL and now I adore her simply for saying that to me when I needed it. My family wasn't much present in my celebration- like physically there but not present ya know. It's a little heartbreaking but it's okay.
      It was an honor to join in- I will continue linking up and sharing in this celebration!

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