Moving, Baby Talk, School & American Idol

moving, baby talk, school and american idol


Today started off with a trip to Shari’s at 2 AM and we finally fell asleep around 3 or 4 AM. I woke up with my period and I instantly started to dread the day. We pretty much just stayed at home all day since Alex spent the night and had to get up and leave right away. I waited for my friend Amanda to come over, she was stuck in an interview so she didn’t get here until around 3 PM. When Amanda got here, we talked about her psycho ex. We had a great talk about work and then went to Big 5, Micheal’s then proceeded to go to WinCo and get her groceries for dinner. We had fun while she was with us and I really value her friendship and am glad she’ll be around more often.


About moving, well I thought I had a yes answer but after discussing it further with Sean we decided we should save and not splurge on a new fancy apartment before our lease is even up. We will move in June,July or whenever our lease is up. We decided not to be hasty and although I’m very impatient I need to cool my jets.

Baby Talk

The only one big thing on my mind lately is having a baby at some point in the near-distant future. But I’m also pretty emotional and hung up on missing my dad as well. The more I think about all of it, the more I go crazy. I think at this point I need to “forget” about it, for this second. We cannot afford it at this moment but how in a year or so maybe, we will be in a even better place. [This is NO one’s decision but ours, so I’d share but do NOT want to hear criticisms; I’ll pass thanks] I think I just needed to write that last part for myself… I’m anxious and slightly obsessed about it and it hasn’t even happened yet. Believe me; if I was already pregnant you’d all know already. But I swear if one more person tells me to wait, I will shank someone. It’s really annoying and non supportive. The truth hurts huh? No, my feelings are hurt now people- keep that to yourselves.


Plus at this second I really at least need to finish school, I want to finish. I didn’t go this term because money got mixed up and it was kinda my fault but it won’t happen again. I am gonna bust my buns next term and maybe even transfer to do it online. Might give that a shot, but I haven’t quite decided. I want my psychology transfer degree, I want a good job and I want to start that section of my life.

American Idol

I watched the new season of American Idol and well, it was good in the first half and sucked the last half. We’ll see what this new season of determined singers brings. Two or three girls and one guy I thought were amazing so I hope they get far in the competition.

…the future

In March, things will pan out and become more stable, honestly it can’t come soon enough. Sean is going to try to get his permit/license this week or next. Then this will make it a lot easier for moving.  We have a car from his parents on hold OR a car in mind. It’s a Ford Escort, in decent shape and will do for awhile. What a great dependable car. I feel safe and love those cars now. I might try as well but I need some serious practice first.
That’s about it for now, I know that was a lot but man I feel lighter already.
Thanks for listening and tune in next time…Do you go to college? What are you studying? How do you deal with haters in your family or people telling you what to do? Advice?Signature

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