fill in the blank friday 10.12.12

1. My favorite flower is gardenias.. they smell so good I had a corsage at a prom that smelled good all night. I got so many compliments for it!

2. You should never talk about:  Religion and Politics, I agree, it only ever ends in a fight or someone getting hurt.


3. My favorite discovery as of late is: stumbleupon, not a new discovery but I love it and cant get enough.

4. This fall you will probably find me wearing: Skinny jeans, sweaters, scarves, boots.
5. I wish I were: in a different state where its not raining. 

6. My favorite TV show currently is: CSI: anything, Law and Order: anything, New Girl, Keeping up with the kardashians,  breaking amish- my new fav, TLC is great and so is E! and MTV, Dancing with the stars, abby and brittany.

7. This weekend I want to: relax, clean and read a good book, blog and feel accomplishment!

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