friday, it’s almost the weekend!

1.  My best quality is   that I’m a great friend. I listen, I dedicate everything to my friends, loving them, advice, listening to them, comforting them etc   .
2.  One of my less flattering qualities is  I am very impatient and do not like to wait for anything at all    .
3.  I’d rather be    playing with our new puppy- she gets here Saturday!  .
4. Something I have been challenged with lately is   being more respectful with my words and how i speak to people, sometimes I am hurtful and rude without knowing it or its too late. Has this ever happened to you? did you have to slow down your thinking and speaking?  .
5. I am looking forward to  Christmas! I have to start shopping for husband- what to get a man who has everything? .

6. A super random factoid about me is   I round the time always. 4:55 it’s 5pm, 1:23 its 1:30 sometimes I round way up and am wrong at reading the correct time.

7.  I want to  spend time with my puppies, husband and do things I want to get done, fun winter-y things! .

Have a great weekend! I’m so excited- check my instagram feed for pics of the puppy, one is posted now! 

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