a gem of a man

Hello 2013!

I will tell you one thing, living in Oregon- oh boy its freaking cold! Brrr… freezing my nuggets off..(if i had nuggets like husband said)

This is what’s been up with me today basically.. lounging.

 Hot Booties- keeps your cold feet warm like a heat pack, pop in microwave for 1 minute and you have warm feeties!
 Playing my new ( i thought it was broken) portable super ninetendo.. AWESOME!
 with all the favorites!

 Roast tonight! Yummy!~

My cookbooks, that I got for Christmas and I cant take cred for dinner- that was all hubby!

Last night was fun, sat around, saw some friends we hadn’t seen since their baby came into the world and that was nice. I got caught up on the end of seasons Sister Wives..and awaiting Pretty Little Liars January 8th @8pm. 

Thought I should blog something and plan a few others. I hope everyone had a great and safe NYE!

 We kissed at midnight and that’s all I wanted….

A few days ago our friend & best man Alex came to say goodbye to leave for the army in 2 days now. January 3rd 2013 The U.S Army is getting a gem of a man. I love and care about him so, I cried and cried but its just basic training for now so… we’ll see and he better come home safe. 

(any encouraging words are appreciated) 

It was the toughest thing I think I’ve ever had to do thus far..  I have not known anyone really close to go into the military and well it scares me as it does everyone else.

So I’ll pray for him every night until we see him again in a year or so when our lives have drastically changed… with a house, and maybe a baby of our own. He has been a little brother to my husband and now a little brother to me- he makes me laugh and laugh so hard I cry, I can talk to him about almost anything, he can hold a conversation and is a very smart and courageous young man. He’ll turn 21 while he’s gone.. bummer but I know he’ll have fun! I hugged him goodbye and instantly started bawling.. he came back for his coat and I couldn’t contain my sadness. That’s all… he was gone. However I’m cheering up my hubby and I am I very confident he’ll come back perfectly fine. So no worries…

That’s all I’ll say for now but just keep him in your thoughts & prayers if you would.


on our wedding day, he was still 17.. youngin’… I’m proud of you!

Love you Al!~

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    1. I got it at a game store, called GameStar- locally here in Gresham. it's like a buy, trade, sell place. it was 79$ but i missed Super Nintendo so bad, i thought it was worth a splurge! Having so much fun on it! 🙂

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