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1. your most treasured passport stamp?
Sadly, I think the only one I received was in an old passport of mine for the time we went to Mexico (back when you needed one for that-I don’t know if you do still). I went when I was  about 11. I was of course too young to do anything really fun but just run around the boat and wreck havoc, which was what I did for the first time in my life. I made so many new friends and I still have all the pictures I took from that trip.

2. can you recite your passport number from memory if asked?
uh, nope. I have only had one passport although I have traveled a bit in the U.S.

3. preferred method of travel; plane, train or automobiles?
I like train and vehicle but I still think planes will always be faster so I just take a anti- anxiety tablet (or one drink) and I’m good the rest of the way. My only scary part is take-off’s-I hate that part!

4. top three travel items?
comfy shoes, sweater and entertainment (i.e book, tablet, craft, iPod etc) I love the soothing ways of music, so usually even just music will be my natural anti-anxiety method.

5. hostel or hotel?
hotel. I don’t think I’ve ever stayed in a hostel, although I probably would (if it was safe enough) I don’t know what they are like at all. However, probably also cheaper or I’d stay with family if it wasn’t a special trip or occasion.

6. are you a repeat visitor, or do you explore new places?
I like to go new places. I’m not a huge traveler or at least I haven’t made time for it but I’d like to more. Sean and I would love to go to the bahamas (again for him) or take a cruise somewhere nice. Maybe just a nice long trip to Disneyland or World.

7. do you read up on your destination, or do you wing it?
I would research some, and more if it was abroad and language became an issue. I have never been abroad but there’s a few countries I’d more than love to check out: France, Italy, Greece.


8. favorite travel website?
Travelocity, I would guess or like a travel agent or Royal Carribean/Carnival cruise-lines.

9. where would you recommend a friend to visit, and why?
I loved Florida. Disneyworld was marvelous! I loved Chicago, L.A and Hawaii/Kauai! It was beautiful, fresh and tropical. I went there twice and I’ll never forget how nice every moment was!

I just found this via Pinterest- I’d love to know where it is.

10. you’re leaving tomorrow and money is no option; where are you going?
I would go to the carribean and not have a ticket back! 🙂 I want to swim in those turquoise waters- take a million and one pictures and drink every fruity cocktail known to man!

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all pictures used form pinterest searched “wanderlust” found in my boards “Quotes/Sayings” and “Travel”.

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