Today, we have a guest post-Taush.O!

So the favor was returned…. I did a Q&A for Tausha last on Monday, so today she’s doing a fun one for me! She’s a sweet, geniune, smart and funny gal and a wonderful momma to Presley and Dex (her dog)!
Hold on tight and keep reading! Please leave some beautiful comments for her~

1// What is your favorite part of being a mother to Presley? What are you most looking forward to as she grows up?
Tausha:  Is it horrible that my first thought is the fact that I get to stay home in my PJS all day, chasing her around the couch & listening to her squeal? I love being a Mother to Presley because she’s been a HARD child – and she has taught me a lot about myself. I’m so excited for her to talk more, she only says a few words right now (we are starting to work with a specialist to determine the possible cause for her speech delay). I cannot wait to just talk to her all day, to hear her imagination & to answer all of her questions.
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2// If you had a boy what would you name him? And why? 
Tausha: Oh man. I actually reallllllly wanted a boy first – I’ve got sooooo many boy names. My top are Declan, Titan, Ethan, Ruxin, Damien, Brayden, Hunter, Logan….I could go on forever. My absolute favorite is Declan. It was a characters name on the tv series Revenge & as soon as I heard it, I absolutely fell in love. The hubby doesn’t like it too much so that might take some coaxing. We are just starting to talk about the possibility of baby #2, so we will see.

3// What is your favorite down time activity?

Blogging. Or sleeping – both of which I never actually get to do much of!

Guest room closet to blog office makeover. In progress!

4// Tell us something we don’t know about you…. 
Tausha: Growing up, I did Taekwondo for like 7 years. I’m actually a second degree black belt & a Utah state champion. Ha. Don’t ask for pictures. They are hidden deep, deep away. Not like I’m ashamed or anything – but I stopped as soon as I got into High School, then went to Cosmetology school & got my license & stopped being so hardcore.

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 5// Favorite drink: alcoholic or not? 
Tausha: Oh man. I could go for a Mai Tai right about now. Darn breastfeeding. I don’t drink much because I am so scared to ‘poison’ my milk – so I only drink after Presley is asleep for the night & at that point I’m way to tired to mix a drink! I love me so Starbucks though!

 6// Favorite song of the summer?

Tausha: RUDE! Oh my gosh. I can’t get enough of this song. And the viral video of the Dad with the comeback song. Ha. Genius.

 7// Did you play sports in school? if so what? Were you good? Get any medals etc?
Tausha: Just karate – then I went to hair school full time after 3 hours of High School – so I got out of all physical activity requirements! Booyah!

 8// Do you and Chad have any pet names? What are they?
Tausha: Ha. I call him ‘baby daddy’ or ‘sugarplum’ and he calls me ‘momma’, or ‘sugar momma’.


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 9// What would be your ideal DREAM vacation? Be descriptive, the more the better! 
Tausha: Oh man. I’d go on a cruise. I love cruising. Presley would be a little bit older, sleeping better & talking. So we could swim, and party & have fun as a family. I’d love to go on a long 10-14 day cruise to the Bahamas, or something super tropical. I’d take a million pictures & would be tan & in heaven the entire time!

  10// Do you have a bucket list? What kinds of things are on it?
I totally do! I actually had a tab on my old blogger layout that I deleted to keep private. I do keep a bucket list in my planner to try and do things on a monthly basis….some of the bigger things:
-Travel to Africa to do humanitarian work
-Live the homeless lifestyle for 2 weeks
-Run in a marathon
-Go an entire month without sugar


So ya. Thats ME! Make sure to stop by my blog to get to know me and our adventures! Thanks for having me Nora!

Isn’t she wonderful ladies and gentlemen?! I adore her! <3

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