Matriarch of the family-RIP Grammy

Marsha B.L (and I am shortening for personal reasons but if you follow me it won’t matter) was an amazing woman. I feel terribly it took me so long to realize that and get to her side. She worked hard, raised her children, deeply loved her husband, supported causes/organizations close to her heart and knew how to have fun and travel tirelessly. One thing I know about my grandmother is she was difficult in a special sort of way. She knew how to love on her terms, her way and if she didn’t agree with you- she sure would tell you just that. She was bold, fearless, intelligent, worldly and classy. We didn’t always have a great relationship but we did have wonderful days spending time together when I was younger. She taught me a great deal and showed me parts of the world (art, gardening, cooking/baking, politics, travel, business etc) I would have never known. I miss her a ton and know now (yet, despite circumstances) I would have done things differently. I would have loved her through it and never taken a moment for granted. One rough patch we had was about the loss of my father and placing blame or responsibility and now I know-it was never about me but always about her heartache, missing her husband and then her son as well. And for that I will own the bond we shared loving two people we lost too early. Well now she can join them again and let her heart be whole once more. She is among the Angels now and I’m sure they guided her to her seat in heaven.

RIP Grammy. 
Forever in our hearts. 

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