Love lets the other win-Day 12 of The Love Dare

This may come as a shock to you (definitely, maybe) but I have a extremely hard time giving up control with most things. I cant ever pick a restaurant but with things on the daily (chores, routines, etc) are my territory and I think I needed to let go a little bit. I should learn to be patient and bite my tongue and more importantly trust. But I have a hard time with these things so when I received this Love Dare I decided I would fully put my heart into doing the task and make the most of it, take it seriously and really think on the results.

That being said, the minute I received the Love Dare- it was being tested so I went for it. My husband had just gotten a new job not but a week ago. A good job and one he likes a lot more than any before so when he said he was going in to basically “train” and gather what you could say INTEL, on the products and services provided. My first instinct was to automatically ask and fuss about being on the clock for training since it was a few days before he’d officially start. I thought “wow, we’ll be missing out on a few days worth of pay and well we really need that right now.” That did come from a selfish place and I didn’t see an upside, until I thought about the Dare. We did sorta disagree (not an argument but I gave in pretty quickly and decided it wasn’t gonna be a big deal). So I gave in, I decided to trust him and still it was the better decision I made. It put faith in him as my husband and it wasn’t the worst thing ever- he gained the confidence to go in and work a new job that he had just learned about and wanted to dominate. I was patient and knew there is more to life than money, (it is a part of living) but even so I agreed the training early was best. For the first time in a long time I felt like I could lean on him and knew it’d be alright. Trying times are upon us but  absolutely no matter what WE WILL SURVIVE.  That is what I learned from this journey.
Blessings and peace.
Talk soon friends.
<3 All my love.

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