10 (more) things you don’t know about me

Good evening ladies! So I got some inspiration, I guess you could say, talking to my new friend Whitney (EHFAR). Here are 10 (more) things you don’t know about me from reading this blog. I just love writing these get to know me posts, so I’m sorry if they are redundant but this one should be fun and different from the others.
And you’ll learn more about me if you haven’t been reading long. 

  1. I can’t swim. Like at all to save my life or let alone someone else. 
  2. My 1st alcoholic drink *on accident,was at age 10 in Hawaii (when virgin daquiris aren’t virgin) 
  3. I lived with my neighbors for 2 years under a guardianship arrangement
  4. Jazz music relaxes me and makes me totally mellow-out
  5. I dislike gardening
  6. At one point I was attending Dance, Cheer leading and Gymnastics at once.
  7. I have moved more times that I ever care to count… I could track it year by year but I started moving at age 10 when my parents divorced and have moved every year or less since then, That’s a lot of moving!
  8. I used to regularly write poetry to express myself as a young teen and I really liked it. 
  9. I journaled for 5 solid years in classic notebooks. I still wish I had kept them. 
  10. I used to want to be A) a ballerina, B) an architect (like my uncle) or C) an interior designer

BONUS: I can’t drive- I mean I took drivers ed for 9 weeks in high school but that was years ago and I have never driven since and don’t want to until I have kids. Or can’t stand the bus anymore…

I hope you liked this and maybe we have some things in common or you learned something new about me!

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