Things I’m Afraid To Tell You

So #truth I snagged this post from the lovely Megan from Bloom

I really loved this idea so I thought I’d do the same and share with everyone
Let’s see how this goes [I dare you to do this post and share with me-let’s compare answers]

  • I weigh less than 100lbs. I think I weigh myself and every time the number never moves (and I want to gain weight) it always says 91. I am a tiny sized human though and my mom is very small framed too. 
  • I have fallen off a horse- and I thought I was paralyzed.. I was soo afraid I didn’t move my back and was carried up the hill from the corral on a stretch backboard. I was terrified and I think I scared other kids too..
  • I get jealous- like everyone else. I often find myself wishing I had a bigger home, a better car, a job that I love, more friends, better hair or healthier being. I’m working on being happy with what I have. Because that’s just as good!
  • I have a weak leaky bladder- yep there it is, a deep dark secret. (oops!)
  • I’m not the greatest blogger and I’m trying to improve with regularity and better content so if you like what you’re reading and seeing- I’d love to hear about it. 
  • I used to be so crafty and creative in school and now I’m not so much- I’d really like to express myself that way again.
  • I eat way too much fast food and drink too much soda (on the regular) but I ain’t ashamed
  • I’m 26 years young and look like I’m a 10 year old who still plays with barbie dolls. 
  • I get really mad when I’m yanked around
  • I don’t trust easily anymore- I used to trust way too easily and now I barely trust anyone 
  • Sometimes I get mad, like really mad and say things I don’t mean
  • I often don’t have a filter or don’t use my brain when I speak and say the completely wrong thing- sometimes I can be a real idiot
  • I have done many things I’m not proud of (I know we all have) but I’m actually still ashamed of these things and don’t speak about them anymore-time to move on right?
  • I have secrets, my family had secrets and I know everyone has something to hide now, I learned to take it with a grain of salt (sometimes, they are pretty huge secrets like a sister pt 1&2
  • Sometimes I unfairly judge people (again everyone does sometimes) but I’m trying to learn not to,
  • I can’t cook worth beans- I am a box cook QUEEN.
  • I have some bad hygiene… I mean I shower enough but my dental hygiene is lacking and is something I’m working on (I don’t know if that’s worse than B.O but it was never instilled in me and to this day I hate it-brushing my teeth)
Hopefully you found this interesting and now you’re not too grossed out to talk to me again. But, we all have our things and that is some of mine.  Thanks for everything and I hope you will be supportive and maybe write your own confessions…

if you have any questions- feel free to just ask. 

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