a girls day of fun

So I wanted to share a day (a few weeks ago) when I went out with a friend, Ali. I’ve known her since I was attending VSAA for my senior year, she’s a few years younger than me, but I think we took dance together and had the same group of friends.

She texted me again (for the third time) about dragging me taking me  to Zumba to try it out and join her on a guest pass. I cringed.
No, not because I didn’t wanna go-because I did, a lot! But I was scared and afraid of failure or looking ridiculously stupid. As a former dancer that’s kind of a no-no. We are all about the pride. You also must know that trying Zumba at least once is on my 100 in 1000 list (which has been like years in the making but oh well…).

She had a few personal errands to do this day so I tagged along with no objections, I figured if anything she would be a total sweetheart and cover lunch for me. WHICH SHE DID.
First, we went to the nail salon to get her fill on her acyrilcs done and as we walked in the technicans kept askiing me if I wanted anything and I quietly said no thank you. However Ali offered and started to insist that I could get a basic/gel  manicure and I speedily said “okay, I haven’t tried one before.”
I picked out  a muted kinda grey based green-teal. It was pretty!

We were at opposite sides of the room but we texted each other about what we were doing for lunch and we simutaniously decided on #sushi. Because it’s amazing! & it sounded so amazingly good at the time.

So we drove to go get lunch at a  local sushi place that I haven’t been to before, just different things on the menu and I was feeling more open to trying new things. So I had a shrimp/crab/sweet sauce roll and a couple of plates of them later I was (totally) hooked. I wasexceedingly full and just was so content with what I had just consumed, I walked out smiling.

She wanted to go check out a new phone since hers’ was way outdated and she was due for an upgrade. We went in and she had the Galaxy S3 and the S5 just came out- so she asked if it was possible and they said yes. We got her all set up with a new phone, transferred all her stuff and she couldn’t decide on a case. Black. Pink.White. Pink. 
She was soo excited to finally get that phone- it was like a shiny new toy, don’t get me wrong- we all feel that way with a new phone. She walked out with a Galaxy S5 and she loves it!

Then we grabbed Starbucks and killed some time by waiting in a parking lot for a lady to sell her a fitness shirt who never showed up. We went and stopped by her house to get her an overnight bag and change for Zumba. Her dad was home and he welcomed me in with open arms and told me I was “welcome anytime” and “to make myself at home”. So I did. I saw her room where she stays in Vancouver, it was super nice and decorated just how I would expect (i.e lots of Elvis…). Eventually we were on our way to tanning before Zumba. So she took us to the local tanning salon that she goes to. The owner was really nice and set me up with a medium bed and a lot amount of time, like 8 minutes. I slathered myself in nice coconut smelling, thick lotion. I flipped on the radio, got in and baked for a bit until I came out all happy and full of endorphins. 

I was so ready for Zumba! We wandered in and signed me up with a guest pass until I decide to get my own membership. The room was upstairs, they had already started and the music was blasting. I jumped right in behind the line with Ali. She started following along and well the whole time I did the best I could. It was very fast paced and some parts I got lost but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I would definetly do it again! Afterwards, we decided to stay in the room after everyone left to dance around and practice (mostly just mess around). It was so much fun! She showed me her dance she choreographed and it was so great looking. I can see her doing that professionally!

We headed home and stopped by Taco Bell and I was so happy to know the chicken rolled tacos were back. I ate and scarfed it down on the way-it was so good, we blasted music and talked about how great the day had been. We complained about our “significant others” on the way home, had girl talk and just vented to each other. I got home so happy that I had tried something new and loved it! I’ll keep this in mind next time I say no to something. And maybe then I’ll give it a shot and try it anyway.

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