Pet Box Review: May

 But it’s about my dogs so I hope you like it! 

A few days ago I was contacted again by Catherine from and I didn’t know what it was so I called her back and researched a bit. She said they send out bloggers free pet review boxes filled with toys, treats and food. I followed them on social media and immediately got excited as this was my first review from a company that had reached out and contacted me. I was so happy to be involved and get some awesome goodies for my sweet fur-children. After all, if you’ve been reading for a little while (or a long while) you’d know we love our dogs!

She said I could choose from their newsletter of what I’d like to receive for the dogs. I took a look and they provide all TOP QUALITY food, treats and well known brands. I was so pleasantly surprised! Brands like Blue Buffalo, Nutro, Nature’s, Greenie’s, Wellness, HONEST (didn;t know they did pet products!) Natural Balance and many more… I chose the Blue Buffalo Bite Treats in Chicken and Turkey and we got a surprise dinosaur nylabone dental chew toy. 

Some great things about Blue Buffalo brand:
-Top rated by pet parents over 2,500 reviews and counting
-Are well known for what they DON’T have as well as what they DO have, because they believe in feeding them like family too!
-Contains Omega 3 &6 Fatty acids to improve your dogs’ coat and skin. 
-Perfect formula for training regimen

I got a knock at the door and found it was the expected Chewy box. She handed me the box right as Maggie escaped out the door and jumped on the delivery lady tosay Hi and give her kisses. I rangled her back in and I asked them “is this for you? what is this? what is it, is it your treat box?” and their ears perked up real fast. I opened the box to find…

Two full bags of treats ( one in chicken and one in turkey-they smelled good too like BBQ sauce)
A nyloprenebone shaped as a dinosaur with teething/plaque removing bumps

I did a taste test with them, one at a time, first Chiicken then Turkey (here’s more pictures)…

I didn’t think he’d like the bone as much as he did he played and chewed on it for a good hour and eve now a few days later keeps picking it up to gnaw on it. Happy dog!

Maggie tried for it but felt rather left out. Her jaw was too small to really grip it right, maybe a smaller toy for her next time. She was pretty happy still though.

And then they took naps…..

 Maggie finally got the toy when Bouncer was done with it but she decided to lay with it instead.

As you can see they truly loved every bit of it! And I feel like they knew they were getting spoiled a bit because they haven’t gotten anything new in awhile and I’m almost out of the training treats I currently use. This is a great choice and I feel good about feeding them these products and the chew toy will help cut back on their plaque problems.
I will keep giving reviews of this box as long as I can- because they really liked it and I really liked writing this for you in review of this great pet box. They also have them for cats so in case you’re a cat owner this is available for all cat lovers too.

Thans for reading along and tell me if you’ve tried these products before or if you have subscribed to boxes and what you think of them.

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