Currently (birthday month)…

reading: Since I just started with BeachBody as a coach we are supposed to read Personal Development (PD) for about 10-20 mins everyday. I have downloaded a bunch of books but haven’t started them yet I’m excited to read:

The Circle Maker
The Fringe Hours
The Shack
Break Out!
Make it Happen
and more books by Gretchen Rubin

watching: I’ve been watching Cops, 19 kids and counting, Teen Mom, Mom, Long Island Medium and the new show The Willis Family. I have watched a lot of Cristela, Raising Hope and Fresh off the boat latelt on HULU. I found some new documentaries and shows I liked on Netflix, one being “Vanilla Ice goes Amish” in which he helps Amish remodel homes, barns and buggys. Its actially really funny and shows a good work ethic of the one and only rapper Rob “Vanilla Ice”.
listening to: Since getting my iPod I reuploaded all my music last night onto my ipod from the cloud on iTines.I forgot I owned so many great albums by Carrie Underwood, Avril Lavinge, Adele, Yellowcard, Switchfoot and Now that’s what I call music 14-18. What a great throwback! #TBT
discovering: How much I love readng and spending time with the Bible and my Bible app on my phone. I love to spend time with my husband and find new things we have in common or talk about our future plans. Speaking of which…
planning: We are planning and budgeting for a new used car. What car you may be asking? A Subaru Outback. We have a set budget and have found many for that set price, so we know it’s possible.
craving: Veggie platters, stuffed bell peppers, meatloaf and lots of pasta. I have been craving my Shakeology and for which I am grateful and I truly love them now and they make me feel so good. 
wishing: For play money for the next month and hoping we can do something for my birthday, big or small. I know we don’t have actualy funds to do much but even a movie and a cake would be nice. I hope we can go camping or to the beach soon this summer after we get our new used car so we can take a vacation together and make some new memories.
feeling: I am feeling happy and healthy (at the same time) for once. I have been taking care of myself in everyway. Taking care of one’s self is easier said than done. Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Spiritual. I have been doing a lot of work in all these personal growth areas! 
praying for: Some piece of mind. Some clarity.A new found determination for things I want to accomplish. 🙂 We will see what happens….

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