why can’t we be friends

hello there friends-
whats new in your blogosphere (blogosphere-whoever coined that word should be getting kickbacks for it)?
so not much is new with me, in case you forgot I just teamed up with BeachBody and became a wellness coach, if you are interested or curious about what it is we do go here I never knew it was as big of a program as it is, the health and fitness reach so far in this country.

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So if you’d like to join or watch my journey you can over at instagram or even facebook on my personal page I post updates, recipes for my shakes, fitness/workout favorites, motivational quotes daily. Find me Nora Spaulding 

Onto the second order of buisness,
I’m super excited everyone… we are out of DEBT. Like this last month we were able to pay it all off (that’s super incredible and also we caught up to current year with taxes and no longer be behind)!

subaru outback 2011 used car
one like this via

However our car is on the fritz and we have sorta sunk some money into an okay car. You know how this goes, an okay car will only run okay and you might get from point A to point B “okay”. Well I’d like to have a more current car with less problems or issues that may arise. So come June we are working on buying a newer (newer than 1999, like maybe a 2002-2006) Subarau Outback-still a used car no worries… but at least we don’t have to deal with what we think are transmisson issues with the ’99 Ford Taurus we have now. It was great for a year but sinking a couple grand into that baby and still having issues, I thnk not. We have a budget so we will see what that gets us and in our research in our city I don’t see any problems happening and we are trying not to finance because of remaining credit issues and just the hassle. We are planning a trade in, our car is in good shape because we have re maintaned it and fixed it up but a few things still lack and we don’t want to mess with it.  It’s doable! So this summer I will have many posts of travels, adventures, pet fun and trips/vacations we want to make it happen. So that’s what we are so excidetly looking forward to.

I have written many times about this particular friend and I don’t intend to go into detail for the sake of my sanity but we have now parted for good. I tried to make it work one (read: many too many times) too many times. Well it just didn’t happen and she went right back to her old ways. I cannot change her or make her see the light-but how she treats people is wrong and I will not have anyone in my life abusing me like that. If you ever feel like you’re being pushed around, taken advantage out and manipulated-please be brave enough with whoever it is to speak up and say it’s not okay and if they don’t listen; then you need to get out…. I tried so hard and now I don’t even know why or what I was fighting for but it became impossible and affects my self being and my other relationships. No one will ever have that much reign over me again. It’s finally done. I know I sound like a broken record but I don’t want to be the friend who is a broken record or acts like a hypocrite. Verbal abuse -any kind of abuse is not okay and certain buttons were being pushed, it was happening daily and there was no acknowledgement of wrongdoing. I didn’t appreciate it and the feelings were mutual.
So that being said, I keep good people in my realm, happy positive women in my circle, only joyous people in my tribe of life. Now I’m moving on and making my life what I want it to be. That’s the only way to move on and become the you YOU want to be.

**Geniune thanks to those who are there for me and have supported me through every step of the way.

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