belated (fathers day)

Today is a day that to me is very treasured and hard at the same time. Why do you ask? Because while most people are making breakfast, giving cards, going fishing and camping and handing their dad new golf clubs- well I’m home and missing my dad who I lost very greatly. It’s hard to know he’s not here physcially but with me spiritually and I’ll always have the memories with him and hold them sacred. I believe deep in my heart, despite my life events it’s a holiday that we need to spend with our fathers and celebrate every single thing they do with us and for us.
So I wanted to pay some homage to my own dad and what all memories I have with him..

My father is such an integral part of my life. What is a girl without her daddy? I will always have a missing piece. A father is supposed to be there from day one- cutting the cord, teaching her how to ride a bike, watching her recitals, teaching her how to fish and camp, attending her graduation and walking her down the aisle and should be in that waiting room when she brings you your new grandchild. But mine wasn’t. I’m missing him so badly today and yes, I can get through my days okay now after 13 years but it will always hurt. Granted everyone sayd remember the good times and I belive in God so I know he’s watching over me and with me every time I think of him but it’s just not the same. I wanted to post this on Fathers’ Day  but I just was a quiet pile of goo on that day and couldn’t get it out to finish until now. I hope you enjoy this, relate to this or can feel my emotions in some way. I love to share my loss with others who find it hard so know  I’m always here for you, if you need me.  
I love you daddy.

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