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Well it’s been a long road since I have posted a Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday post full of the new things I love and crave to have around me, in all areas, home, career, favorite finds, hobbies, creative, DIY, etc. I love sharing all these things I find and repin.

So without further ado, here’s my current pins and loves of everything Pinterest. And of course if you’d like to follow me and keep up with my obsessing pinning you can find me here 

A little but of everything. I’d love to take this blog into new directions. I want to create more, share more personal stuff, current trips and pictures of my life everyday. I have sorta fell by the wayside and I want to do more than the expected minimum. I’m doing my best though folks so stay patient. Last night we bought camping gear so we scheduled a FIRST camping trip in a couple years, the first camping alone without company or in laws. I’m excited. Two days up in nature July 8th-July 10th. It’s only two days but still it should be lots of fun and a new experience for me. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it and I’ll take lots of pictures.
I promise.
What are your summer plans? Camping? Beach? Family BBQs and Picnics? Swimming/water sports? Tell me all about it!

5 thoughts on “start the summertime”

  1. I love that outfit at the top! Super cute. We have a pretty low-key summer planned, which makes me happy. We do have to pop down to San Diego in a few weeks for a wedding, and we're going on a week long camping trip down the Washington and Oregon coast in July, but other than that we'll be enjoying our own backyard! 🙂

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