pet review box: July

For July’s pet review box-we chose the “Good Dog dog treats in the apple dumpling” flavor. They were delicious! Yes we tried one, they are itty bitty cookie treats- like tiny. They tasted like a dried up apple cinnamon cookie. The smell was of fresh apple pie, the cinnamon was very strong. They dogs devoured it each time they had them and loved every single one. Begging has started a lot for these tiny bites. All natural, nothing to harm us or be bad for the dogs which is exactly why we love now so much! I love the health/purity and variety factor! I can feel good about giving these to them in between their normal potty treats, because they are so tiny, I just don’t worry about them. The amount of the product was nice too as its a medium sized box full to the top of itty bitty bone-shaped snacks. All the ingredients are like natural and very few: oat flour, rolled oats, eggs, honey, apples, canola oil, cinnamon and vanilla. What a simple thing to give your small dogs or older dogs who cant chew as well, these are tiny enough they would be a good substitute.
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handle is convienent for travel, carry in the car or on a trip

*he was in a mood*

Maggies’ reaction was the same, I couldn’t snap pics of her-she was too fast and excited this time!

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