28 goals before my 28th year

Granted I’m beginning this a few months after my birthday (May23rd) but it will all linkup with my current goals anyhow so it doesn’t much matter. I am so excited to be 27 and I think with each passing year I am undertsanding more and more of what it takes to be an adult in this day and age. I’m well on my way to discovering who and what I want in my life and taking the steps to make that happen.

  1. Go on a cruise or Disney
  2. Do 2 good deeds for strangers
  3. Move to a new place
  4. exercise regularly
  5. Get a new nice King? sized bed/frame
  6. Get a bike and go trail riding
  7. Read 5 books and write reviews on my blog
  8. Go to a blog conference in town/or blogger meetup
  9. Go to a concert
  10. See 3 movies with my husband
  11. Blog post 5x a week
  12. Keep in touch with friends better
  13. Take more pictures
  14. Start savings 
  15. Get health insurance
  16. Get regular checkups/dental- medical
  17. Sleep well-sleep schedule
  18. Discover more music
  19. Be more relaxed and less neurotic
  20. Learn to shop thirftly
  21. Build a nice waredrobe 
  22. Go to the trampoline gym
  23. Be less consumed by electronics
  24. Stop and just breathe, take in all the small moments
  25. Dance in the rain and fully be happy in it…
  26. Build a snowman
  27. Cook more and go out less
  28. Kiss and Hug even more often, at least a few times a day, connection is key.
These are some things, not previously stated on any goals lists I have so far, that I’d like toaccomplish in the next 8 months before I turn 28. Keep me in check, let’s see if I can do them all!

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