Pet Box Review August

This month has been very, very uneventful which made me even happier when I remembered that we’d be receiving the pet box to review and enjoy again this month, I mised one month but I’m working on putting up the July one, that was late but I can still share it.  
Once again I got an email so I could choose the next treat for Bouncer and Maggie to enjoy. Needless to say, we havrn’t found one we havren’t liked yet! It’s wonderful. 
This month I almost chose another treat (which was a popular choice-I’ve seen other posts on it) but instead I wanted to have the pups try a flavor they hadn’t had before. They have no allergies that we know of, so I wasn’t worried about that. When I saw ‘venison chewy jerky’ I was like “yeah, if I was a dog I’d eat that!” 
*Ask him to sit, roll over, or drive a car…no trick is too difficult when you’re tempting Fido with a delicious piece of real venison jerky from the dog food experts at Wellness. Every bit of Pure Rewards Grain-Free Venison Jerky is made from sustainable meat, 100% grain-free, and full of juicy flavor. They’re guaranteed to be over 90% meat, making your best buddy 100% happy. Perfect size for training! (via the website description)

I was pleasantly surprised when I got them in the mail-these are not sample sizes folks like most pet boxes. It’s a full bag!  These are called “Wellness Pure Rewards: venison jerk bits for dogs-and are grain free.

These particular ones were bite sized soft chews, not like jerky but more like a soft flat treat. They stared at them for so long….. not so patiently waiting for a taste. I really love that most of their products are all natural or labeled organic and well sized for pets (large, medium,small and toy dog breeds). It makes it easier to choose what would be appropriate for them to have and eat without any choking hazards. And actually every single goodie we have gotten so far has been a soft version of a cookie, bs=iscuit or jerky- all easily chewable,

SIT. Good dog.He knows “gentle” to take it out of my hand, although they get so worked up sometimes I don’t get that all the way.

Pretty SIT. Good girl! 
 I had some really blurry pics when they ate them but man, they were gone so fast. They defiently enjoyed them and I’m happy that its good for their potty training (ongoing) and that I don’t worry about buying them myself. I think this blogger outreach program is wonderful.
I hope this encourages you to check out their website, I honestly really like it and might be ordering some other things from them for the dogs to enjoy other than treats- they also sell, toys, blankets, food, cat toys, cat food, etc. 
*I was not paid to voice my opinions, one way or the other by anyone including the staff and administration. All opinions and statements are my own beliefs and are of my own free will and personal experience*

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  1. Well we have to become friends now. I have a miniature dachshund – Molly. She is 13 years old and my baby! Have had her since she was a puppy. She looked just like your brown cutie pie when she was younger. Now she is old and gray. They are adorable! These are the best dogs ever.

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