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Feeling: Excited. Bored. Anxious. Waiting to move in a few months and trying to get my life back on track, quite frankly. I need to get better organized and purging stuff again before we move. 

Wondering: what’s next for me? I don’t know. I need to dig deep and find some more of my passions and drive. I gotta fnd my 

Loving: summertime, mail surprises, new tv series, and spending time with friends. I’m loving that I am writing more often and trying to keep on top of it. 

Working On: being more consistent. I have been trying to give out more content and be up close and personal. Blogging is a joy and I just have to make time for it.

Reading: Blogs and sponsored post oppotunities. I love finding new blogs so if you have any blogs you love and swear by-  leave them in the comments please! 

Shopping: Nothing yet but I have a kohl’s card so I have bought some gym clothes and I have loved those so far. I want to scrap a lot of my wardrobe and get some new things for fall. More appropriate long sleeves (maybe not from young teen stores) it’s hard to fit but I am going to shop around more and buy quality pieces. 

Watching: I AM CAIT. I love this show and while some of it is contraversial, it’s a great show and sheds a lot of light on LGBTQ community. “It feels free baby, free.”-Caitlyn

Organizing: E-mails. And laundry. So much to do and so little hours in the day! I will scratch one thing off at a time. 

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