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I found this on StumbleUpon– if you don’t know what this is, you should. Go check it out right now! It scrambles everything on the internet based on your interests and hobbies, it’s really awesome. I get sucked into the abyss all the time, it becomes really fun! This is a list of how you can love people on a day to day basis: I’ll include the source, of course so you can go check it out but here’s the ones I think I need to try out or work on… humbling, hmm?

 1. Tell someone that you respect them, and be specific about what it is you respect. Look them in the eye when you say it. [those little things go unnoticed or not said often enough…]

2. Leave handwritten notes for family or friends…in pockets, lunch pails, tacked on the refrigerator…funny, fun, loving notes. [I would love this, so who am I to not do this for anyone else?]
3.Volunteer. Somewhere. Anywhere. [working on this as we speak, I’m going to watch my nieces more often and maybe volunteer at the local library]
4. Smile and laugh. It brightens the day of those around you. [I’m not a huge smiler, I only smile when I’m reallly excited or when I laugh, which is rare as well; is that really sad?!-don’t answer that.]
5. Be fully present when in someone’s presence.
6. Give credit where credit is due. Acknowledge someone when they’re not expecting it.
7. Always exercise best judgment. [sometimes I don’t think before speaking or doing…]
8.  Be clear with your words. If you feel your words have been misinterpreted…ask. Then clarify, don’t defend or justify. [Never assume, makes an ASS out of U and ME] Build bridges not walls. [I’m not good at this…. need to work on it in our marriage]

9. Allow people to finish their sentences.  [I talk  over people and interrupt WAY too much- again working on it!]
10. Applaud effort, empathize with struggle and encourage action. [I need encourage my husband more and empathize with him and how hard he works for us, I love him]
11. Pay-it-forward, in action, deed, word and gift. If someone has admired something of yours and you’re ready to set it free, set it free to the person whose life will be enriched by it.

[I plan on it… 🙂 ]
12. Apoligize when you should. [I need to be better at this, I am so stubborn]

 These are only a few-the list is much longer. But these things I need to work on… go check out this page and become addicted to StumbleUpon like I am, it’s so wonderful! Nice for boring days or restless nights! ADD me!
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