Blogtember Day 26

Saturday, Sept. 26: What’s on your to-reading list, and what have you recently read? 

I am new to finding my love of reading again after many years, I’m such a very picky reader! I get into mostly just YA and Fiction, I should explore more genres of books-but I’m not there yet. I have read many classics for school and I never could really enjoy that kind of love for literature. I have to be able to relate to it and if not, I’ll just drop it in a second. 
Eleanor & Park is what I’m currently reading as part of my monthly October goals. I am not doing so well as I just didn’t make time to read regularly, and I know that my other problem. Even when I want to- I forget to read, because I’m not as avid as I once was. So I’ve been trying to read a few pages every night so I have 3 days to hopefully get through this book, short, quick chapters. 35 of 328. Eek. Guess I’d better get to reading. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great book so far and I really enjoy it. The reviews I’ve read are also great so please go pick it up! I plan on doing a review of my own on it once I finish (which at this rate might be in May)!
I’m also reading nightly and completely random- “Don’t sweat the small stuff -for women”
I read bit by bit and I like the perspective on life, it gives me a new viewpoint on the little things in daily life that don’t matter. I’m learning to let go of the silly, piddly things that annoy me etc. I love that the book covers all of life; things and opinions you wouldn’t otherwise see or believe. It has more than once changed my mind about what I think or how I’m feeling. It teaches me to learn about myself, to care about others and be patient even when I don’t want to and to stop worrying because in the end it has no purpose. It really covers such a wide variety of topics, I flip to a page and always discover it’s what I need and learn something new in the end of it.

The third book I got recently to read is “What Alice Forgot” and I love this author, because she also write “The Husbands’ Secret” which is also on my to read list. Both amazing stories and ones that really suck you into the plot quickly, I am about halfway through The Husbands’ Secret and I’m excited to finish it. I love when I find an author I love and can delve into the writing style of that person- another person I adore is Mitch Albom. If you haven’t read anything by him, go read them all now, they are so very realistic and you’ll sink right in!

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