October Goals Checklist

So I haven’t been a very good blogger for some time now. I have phases people, you know how it goes and life gets a little crazy, hard, hectic, boring (insert adjective here…). I’ll be scheduling some posts for October to get ahead so I have no worries about moving and being distracted. I knew with the start of a new month I’d want to have some goals to aim for, something to try to achieve. This is what that is.

  • Read 2 books  starting with Elanor & Park
  • Pack apartment/organize/purge stuff in progress
  • Unpack
  • Decorate apartment 
  • Donate things we get rid of happening this weekend
  • Get carpets cleaned after moving out appt is set day after we move
  • Learn 2 new recipes after we move-slowcooker?
  • Blog at least 2 a week while packing/moving   in progress
  • Create a daily schedule to work on, downloaded now to write it out!
  • Stick with blog post schedule gonna stay with 2 days a week until after we unpack
  • Pre draft and take pics to go with posts in progress
  • Watch 3 new movies (age of adaline, best of me and PP2)
  • Get pictures hung back up with new frames black ones-pick new photos
  • Invite at least one friend over to see new place
  • Photograph new place for “new apartment tour post” 
  • Get in at least an hour of quality time per day with husband  research date nights, ideas for husband and wife time
  • Read, comment and save favorite blog posts for “links I love”
  • Start a better self love care plan weekly nails, music, tv sessions, chatting with friends-skype, appt for hair?
  • Take dogs out on schedule and play with them regularly everyday research dog feeding schedules-if anyone has this problem with over anxiously eating dogs, PLEASE help! 🙂 any advice ou have? 
This seems like a lot but I think they are small enough things that it’s managable. That’s how we should plan our success. So for the more “fun things” I should schedule them in too so I don’t forget to read and stay on track or space out and not play with the dogs (because they need exercise too)! Most of these I have plans for, even the frames- after we move I plan to go get new all matching black frames, clean ones and replace all photos we agree we want to show up in the new place. I miss my friends that aren’t local so I’ll setup skype or video chat dates online to stay in touch. I can easily pre photograph too- just a matter of remembering to do it.
I will be proud when I accomplish this list and if you have goals that you are working towards please comment them below or if you think I should add or have a way to remind myself- please share! I’d really love to hear from you all!

Happy (start of) Autumn!

4 thoughts on “October Goals Checklist”

  1. Oh, I haven't been good at blogging in the past few weeks either. I guess sometimes we just need a break. Looking forward to following along as you try and achieve your October goals – I might as well set some up for myself, too! Happy Monday xxx

  2. You've got this! Keep referring back to the list – that's the mistake I always make! I forget to look at my goals after I've made them which doesn't help me out at all. Thanks for linking up with Bloggy Brunch – your post was featured this week. 🙂

    1. Yay! Thanks so much! I'm failing at the blogging part but the packing, purging, donating and moving is happening well. I gotta pick up my books again once we unpack and stay on that, it'll be the first thing to fail. And I succeeded at self care getting my hair done ROCKED. JUST THE REFRESHER I NEEDED.

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