December Challenge (guest post): 31 mini challenges

Hi everyone! I’m Pam and I blog over at Hodge Podge Moments. I was excited that Nora asked me to guest post on her blog because it gives me the perfect chance to share an upcoming challenge that I’m hosting in my free health group, Healthy Moments.
(NOTE from Nora: you should join in, I’m in it & I learn something daily…plus it’s a lot of fun & super encouraging)
December is one of the hardest times to stay on track with health and fitness goals. I’ll be sharing a printable calendar full of mini challenges to help you stay on track by doing something good for your body everyday. If you’d like to join in the fun, please join the free group. You’ll also get motivation, support, and other challenges throughout the year.
With Thanksgiving coming up, there’s going to be plenty of opportunities to move away from your health and fitness goals. Don’t let one holiday ruin things for you though. Here’s a few simple tips to keep you on track during the big food holiday. (These can be applied to other holidays as well.)
1. Volunteer to bring the fruit or veggie tray for a potluck. This guarantees that there will be at least one or two healthy choices at the event.
2. Sign up for a holiday themed fitness event! (For example, I signed the husband and myself up for a 5k Turkey Trot in our city for Thanksgiving day.)
3. Enlist a workout buddy. Working out is always more fun with a friend. Enlist a buddy to help you stay accountable during the holiday season.
4. Put the healthiest options on your plate first. This will leave less room for the unhealthy choices.
5. Don’t deprive yourself. Want that chocolate cake? Go for it – just keep portion sizes in mind!
6. Take a break before returning for seconds. This gives your stomach and head time to communicate about whether or not you’re full already.
7. Most importantly – enjoy the holidays and remember that one bad day doesn’t have to be followed by another. If you do indulge more than you had planned to, then get back on track the next day!

Well I hope everyone enjoyed that- I know I sure did and thank you to Pamela for guest posting, we have become so close and I really truly admire and adore her! I will be using these holiday points for my own guidance!
If you have any suggestions like this-I encourage you to leave them down in the comments, I’ll be sure to take a look and comment back! Happy holidays everyone (it’s just starting..)!

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  1. Can't wait for December! Thanks for letting me talk about Healthy Moments. It's been my biggest motivator for getting on track with health and fitness. 🙂

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