oh how pins-giving!

So this year has just flown by don’t you think? Last I knew it was like my birthday or even tax day… It’s eerie and weird how quickly it’s just faded into November and now we are about a week out from DECEMBER?! How crazy is that? Well you don’t need to explain it to me, I know. But after all is said and done I’m glad because now is the time of year when we can really reflect on the year- what we’ve done, accomplished, fallen short of and what we can work on and more so how to become closer and stay close with those we love. Plus this time of year is famous for my favorite thing in the whole world, food. Yep, I’m a fatty in a skinny mini body (oops can’t help that one!) but truly I will eat and eat until I’m sick and I won’t eat for days.. then I’ll eat all the leftovers too. More than that I love watching the seasons change, the beautiful decor and dressing up for the chilly & frigid weather that will soon be upon us.
So here’s a peek into my November-Thanksgiving inspired pinterest favorites.. Please go tap on the follow button on my Pinterest profile.


























I hope this inspires you to get into the mood of the warm cozy time that is Thanksgiving and the following holidays. Eat much, Love Deeply, Give Thanks and Stay Grateful!
Happy Turkey Day!
I’m thankful for you…..

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