Welcome to the 12 days of Blogmas! (Info post)

When my friend Pamela reached out to me with the idea of a holiday prompt group-I was ecstatic and I was super psyched to just get going on it! She had previously tried to do this without much success but I knew we could totally pull this off this year and make it better than ever. I started by creating the graphics and brainstorming prompt with her.  In fact, there’s already a growing Facebook group of other bloggers that are interested! I am proud of what we’ve done and started so quickly. We are very proud that the group has grown so much over the past two weeks or so. She had a great idea and with her help we’ve already got everything planned and ready to go! (go subscribe/follow her)

Not sure how a blogging event works? No worries – I’m about to share all of the details of our event with you below! You can technically join the fun without ever joining the Facebook group but the group will give you some added benefits, including daily reminders and share threads! Plus, I’ll be using the group share threads to share across social media in December!

The 12 Days of Blogmas event will take place from December 9 – December 24. There will be a prompt for each weekday of the challenge. The prompts are based around the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and can be found below with a small description. Each day, you’ll create a post for your blog based on the prompt of the day. Then, you’ll come back to The Coastie Couple or The Petite Mrs to link up your post. After linking up, you’ll be able to check out other blogs who are participating. We do expect you to share the love with fellow bloggers that are participating in the event.

You can find graphics and other goodies for all of the prompts in the Facebook group, but I’m also going to list them here for those of us that don’t want to add another group to our list.

Day 1: Holiday Tradition 
(December 9, 2015)
It’s the first day of blogmas, so you only have to share one thing today! Share your favorite holiday tradition with us. Maybe it’s wearing matching pajamas or baking cookies for Santa. Whatever the tradition is, we’d love to hear about it! Remember: traditions are something you do year after year.

Day 2: Random Acts of Kindness
(December 10, 2015)
We’re big believers in showing kindness to others – especially around the holidays. Today’s post is all about showing kindness! There are several different directions you can take with this post – including sharing things you’ve done for others or things others have done for you! Remember, it’s the second day of Blogmas so you need to share two things with us for the topic!

Day 3: Signs of the Season
(December 11, 2015)
What are the things that signal the holiday season for you? Is it the appearance of the Starbucks red cup or is it the lights downtown? Use your senses to share three ways that you know the holiday season has arrived! (Throwback to elementary school: Your senses include sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste.)

Day 4: Holiday Quotes
(December 14, 2015)
It’s time to dig out your favorite books, songs, and movies for this prompt! Find four quotes that represent the holiday season to share with the rest of us! Don’t forget to share where we can find the quotes!

Day 5: Golden Memories
(December 15, 2015)
The holidays lend themselves to many memory making opportunities. Today, we’re asking that you reflect on your past. Share (five) favorite memories with us in a little trip to the past today.  

Day 6: Holiday Movies
(December 16, 2015)
I love holiday movies! Today’s post will probably be one of my favorites. It’s time to create a list of your top six holiday movies. I can’t wait to see which ones we have in common!

Day 7: Winter Activities
(December 17, 2015)
Build a snowman, sip hot chocolate, make gingerbread houses…the list of holiday activities is endless. We want to hear your top seven winter activities. Hopefully, you inspire us to try something new!

Day 8: Holiday Food & Drink      
(December 18, 2015)
The holidays bring lots of fun food with them. Get in tune with your stomach today and share your favorite foods or drinks with us. You could even describe your perfect holiday dinner if you’d like! Creativity with the prompts is highly encouraged!

Day 9: Holiday Songs
(December 21, 2015)
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells… I can already hear the holiday music starting in my head. Take some time today to figure out which ones are your favorite. I’m looking forward to creating a new playlist from all of the great suggestions!

Day 10: Facts About Me
(December 22, 2015)
At this point, we’ve learned a lot about each other but I know there’s still more to learn. It’s time to share a little bit about yourself with our “facts about me” prompt. It’s time you shared a little bit about the blogger behind the blog!

Day 11: Holiday Photos
(December 23, 2015)
Maybe they’re old photos. Maybe their new ones from your trip. Either way, we’re looking forward to seeing what holiday photos you choose to share with us!

Day 12: Holiday Wishes
(December 24, 2015)
The year is almost up and Christmas is coming. Take a few minutes to share your holiday wishes with us. Maybe it’s something you hope happens (no family drama) or a wishlist item you hope is under the tree. We’re looking forward to seeing your twelve holiday wishes!

There you go – your prompts for the 12 Days of Blogmas!

Afraid you won’t be able to remember them all? Don’t worry – there’s a few things you can do to help you remember!

1. Pin this post to your holiday pinterest board.

2. Print out our Editorial Calendar that lists all the prompts and even gives you a brainstorming section!

3. Join our Facebook group where we’ll be posting the prompts and share threads daily.

4. Sign up for daily email reminders.

We’re really looking forward to this event. I hope you’ll join us in this awesome event that will benefit your blog a lot!

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