Day 10: Facts about me

The 12 Days of Blogmas event will take place from December 9 – December 24. There will be a prompt for each weekday of the challenge. The prompts are based around the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and can be found below with a small description. Each day, you’ll create a post for your blog based on the prompt of the day. Then, you’ll come back to The Coastie Couple or The Petite Mrs to link up your post. After linking up, you’ll be able to check out other blogs who are participating. We do expect you to share the love with fellow bloggers that are participating in the event.

You can find graphics and other goodies for all of the prompts in the Facebook group, but I’m also going to list them here for those of us that don’t want to add another group to our list.

These are my very favorite kind of posts to write. I love the “get to know me” type of posts and interesting factoids. I love learning more about people to see how much we have in common and how we differ. i tend to share the same few facts about me so i tried to make them different in this post- maybe we will have more to share/talk about.  So please don’t be afraid to tell me some wondeful facts about you and your life, I would love to know!
  1. i am the youngest sibling by about 8 yrs, then 10 years then 23 years… very wide gaps in age- seperate fathers. 
  2. i hate takeoff in an airplane, i am deathly afraid and usually i cry a lot or have to be knocked out
  3. i have an unhealthy obsession with desk organization and office supply ( i.e pens, paper, notebooks, pencils, cute supplies) 
  4. i would always rather text, email or IM than talk on the phone
  5. i want to be a child trauma counselor and i plan on going back to attend school to finish my psych degree
  6. i am new to the world of essential oils & i love them
  7. i am very very self conscious person and almost to the point that i feel insignificant
  8. i have no food allergies although i get seasonal allergies in the winter sometimes
  9. i would always rather write in a notebook than type (i am a very s l o w typist and i do not care for it (although i love to blog)!
  10. i have only ever traveled to 6 states and never been out of the U.S (HI, FL, OR, WA, IL, MX- and a layover in IN)


3 thoughts on “Day 10: Facts about me”

  1. I am the total opposite about the phone. I would rather talk on the phone than text.. maybe it's because I don't own a cell phone and therefore have no other way of communicating other than speaking to the person. However, I do prefer it because then you know exactly how the person is meaning something. I have felt like sometimes in emails, people don't understand the context or how it's taken and much easier to talk on the phone person to person.

  2. I enjoyed learning some new things about you, like we both are terrified during take off. I usually cover my face and cry into a blanket… Something about take off over landing makes me sick.

    Merry Christmas Momma! xo

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