Day 11: Holiday Photos

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I’ll tell you a little story about my family and the fact that we have limited pictures saved from my childhood time and even before. My mother was one person who saved everything. Every picture, momento, tag, card, award and medal, any single thing from our childhood that could/would hold sentimental value in our lives. She stored them for years in big, blue plastic storage tubs, all stacked neat and safe from any harm. But one of the times my mom was moving all her belongings about after a divorce and a hard period in her life, she packed it up into a U-Haul and had it at my grandparents for a limited time. Now I wasn’t present so I don’t know who’s fault it was or who was responsible but that U-Haul was repossessed. And you guessed it- all our things went with it… pictures, mementos, her clothes, furniture and antiques etc, her whole livelihood was just, gone. 
Needless to say we have limited physical objects left from all that nonsense. Despite that my memories in my head are rich and everlasting; so for that I am grateful. 
I will present you the photos I have left that I treasure
 Me at about 3 yrs old opening a toy
 My dad and I at our cabin for the holidays
 Me and my sisters with my kitchen set
 my family photo 
 Me opening presents
 My sister and my dad
 my dad opening his imfamous hat
 at home, family christmas
 opening my kitchen set
 funny family snapshot
 my dad and grandfather
my dad’s side of the family
I hope that this makes you feel very happy when you see me and my family and how I own my remaining memories. I love how each of these photos makes me feel. These were all spread over my whole growing up period from young infancy to young teen. I cherish all the times we were together since now I have lost so so many since then. I hope you enjoy them all. 
*do not take or reuse-I have them watermarked*


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