Bloggy Brunch #3

Sorry it’s late folks! I totally forgot that today was Sunday I’m gonna try to post these ahead of time from now on! So welcome it’s the third week of Bloggy Brunch– can you believe it?! I can’t.

I’m so thankful to be a part of this group of hosts with Pamela and Raewyn .

Go by their blogs and leave some great comments.

If you missed it last week here’s my favorites from week one.. this week will cover favorite links from last week and so on. Be sure you link up when you’re done!


If you link up every week I could pick your link to be featured! Wouldn’t that be so exciting?! Thanks everyone for working hard and sharing your blogs and linking up with us. It means a lot!


Letter to My Little

Raewyn talks about new beginnings with her daughter and how they can happen year-round not just near the start of the year. She mentions doing life moments with her daughter and how special their relationship will be. Her daughter is just the most precious thing on this earth- so if you don’t already, go follow her instagram!

And in addition, how cute is her graphic ^ I digress…. go read it!



If  I Were On A Coffee Date

This is a fun revision (in my opinion) of Alissa Circles’ Coffee Date in a fun and new age. I ‘ve seen these around a lot and they really get you to know the writer of the blog and get good authentic conversation going. It’s detailed and friendly- I suggest everyone go make friends with this sweetheart right now! Because I could surely be her BFF! I’ll be writing one of these soon too.



Dear Blogger, Its Okay To Step Away

Pamela is my spirit animal and probably my very best bloggy friend (she’s a close second to Taush.O) and well we work together very well when most nights we are coaching each other while we write our blogs. I will always come to her for advice sound or not, honesty whether I like it or not and true friendship that crosses state lines. So when she wrote this- I feel like she wrote to me. I’m also working on my consistency this year and trying to make this blog the very best it can be but I will not ever sacrifice important time with friends and family or whomever to do so. That’s why last week fell by the wayside and life happened suddenly. However I did still post  somehow?! Be true to yourself and your own time management and I’ve found those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind (you guessed it) don’t matter. So you do you, boo and go read this fantastic piece and save it for later for someone who needs it!

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Well babes, those are my great reads for the week and I’m proud to say I’m late posting this for the weekly linkup but it got done in a few hours so I’m glad it’s here now. Don’t forget to tweet, pin and facebook share  the heck outta this linkup! The more eyes we have on it, the more people will linkup and we can all get exposure for our wonderful spaces! Happy Sunday and hope you got some rest before Monday comes!


What were your favorites from last week?

Now it’s time to link up! The link up is open for the entire week so feel free to spread the word to your friends!

The point of this link up is to socialize and get to know other bloggers. Therefore, we allow new and old posts in the link up. Pick one that exemplifies who you are and share with us! We’re looking forward to picking our favorites for next week!
The rules are simple:

1. Link up a favorite post that you’d like to share with others. This can be a recent post or an old favorite from your blog. (We only ask that you don’t link up the same post week after week! That doesn’t help your blog or the link up.)

2. Spread the love to others in the link up. (A good rule of thumb is comment on two before your post and the one after you.)

3. Snag the graphic (at the top of this post) to add to your blog or post with a link back to here.

4. Have fun, be social, and spread the word – after all, that’s what link-ups are all about!

5. Return next Sunday and link up a different post!

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  1. Ah, Nora, you are too kind!! I’m glad my obsession with my daughter isn’t overwhelming 😉 I love that we started the mastermind on Slack so that we can connect more. I have loved getting to know you better and working with you on all of these projects! (Thanks Pam for choosing us!!)

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