January Goals


January being the first month of the year is a time for optimism and growth; however we all often fall short of our goals and intentions for the new year. Let’s try to make fewer goals per month and FOCUS on being genuine and having all around good intentions with ourselves and others through the month. I tend to create a long exasterbated list of everything to establish my goals and that isn’t the best way to go about acheiving your daily, weekly and monthly goals.


Take a day off from social media day.

Finish one book in January.

Daily schedule/weekly schedule, use E.C planner.

Write 3 pen pals to stay in touch.

Blog: BE CONSISTENT. If that means 3 days, stick with it- if you can do 5, stick with it; but don’t flake out on writing posts when you’ve gotten lazy. Quality over Quantity.

Finish design-fonts, header, comments, color scheme/font blog theme for graphics

Take more pictures for posts (don’t rely on stock)

Social Media Banners. (catagories/tags)

Recaterorize the blog/remove old signatures and pieces of ‘old blog design.

Health: Make appointments for dental, medical and eye glasses. Be brave! Do whatever needs to be done.

Ask questions, write down ahead of time.

Schedule counselor visit?

Drink water daily. (with or without flavor drops)

Budget: Save money. Go cheap. Stop splurging for nonsense reasons.

Find ways to substitute or stretch the cash. NEED vs WANT.

Do more activities and date nights at home.

Buy generic over store brand.


Date nights weekly. (Friday)

Kiss more/hug more.

Spend quality time talking and getting to know each other more.

Have better communication


So I figure I should start small and accomplish one or two at a time rather than risk failing them all after a week. I’ll incoporate all these into the month but some of these are more ‘in the moment’ types of goals, just starting them and try to improve upon those traits and downfalls of mine. I have so many things I want to work on and I’m sure you do too- I’m glad I retrieved this feeling of making oneself  “better and improved, not stagnant” so that’s a relief! Let’s take it a month at a time… okay Get Ready, Set,…… GO!

I’m linking up with a couple places for this post and one being one of my very best friends Pam |Hodge Podge Moments so go read about other bloggers aspirations and intentions for this month. The other I found on several sites while I was reading Bloglovin’ and The Road to a Better Me was one I wanted to particpate in! JOIN IN AND LINK UP!
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57 thoughts on “January Goals”

  1. Wonderful goals for this year! I’m sure it helps that they are written out. I keep mine all in my head and then they get forgotten. Lol. PS I sent you a request to follow you on Instagram. 🙂

    1. Yes I have to write mine down or I fail! Did you get to follow me on Instagram? I’m only asking because I had it on private but I am a part of a giveaway this month through valentines so now I’m public… @thepetitemrs if you are still interested- thanks for reading!

  2. I never make any resolutions. Just because a year passes by, things re supposed to change. Not if people continue to follow bad eating habits year round and blame it on the holiday season.

  3. I don’t make resolutions. I really don’t see the point. Most people pig out and gain weight over the holidays then complain because they’ve gained weight. Just don’t do it in the first place!

      1. Oh no, I wasn’t talking about you! I mean people in general. I have a bit of a problem communicating in writing at times. I know what I mean, but sometimes it comes out wrong.

    1. Oh that’s SO great! I’m so very glad, good luck and remember it’s easier to make small tiny pieces of goals instead of huge unattainable goals and aspirations, step by step to climb the ladder!

  4. These are great goals; especially taking a day off from blogging. That’s a great idea to avoid burnout. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yeah I blog as often as I can I’m aiming for 3-5 days a week but a day off social media is all my twtter, insta, pinterest, facebook etc. I’m so sucked into them- it’s been lovely to take a day off (usually sundays) I always check my main and I watch tv those days and catch up with people IRL. 🙂 Happy Week!

  5. One of my goals is to start to do more things that I like to do with my grandchildren. Like making cookies with them at least once a week. I haven’t did this in years and they seem to really like making cookies with grandma.

    1. That sounds lovely! I did that a lot with my paternal grandmother and those were our best times from our relationship; cooking with grandma! If you blog be sure to post and take pictures! What are your favorite kind to make? My grandmother made these loaded oatmeal cookies with a mess of everything in them- they were so divine!

  6. When I see all this I feel ashamed, can’t even exercise a par times a week without wondering why doing it at all and other excuses. And I wanted to do so much this year but still not giving up.

    1. Honestly I’m NO WHERE near even getting these but I’ve incorporated a few and that makes me feel good. It’s about the small changes to improve your life and accomplish your goals! Don’t give up. Focus on a couple at a time. Not 50 things or BIG GOALS like losing 50 lbs or something like that.

  7. You have a ton of goals this month! It seems like this would be a good way to be more accountable (at least for me), but then again I’ve got a lot going on. I don’t know if I could actually keep up with it. I’ve already taken on so many projects. I’ll do some deep thinking on joining in for February.

    I did read a book this month. I have a one per month goal and I’m on my second book!

    I also have a goal to bring my lunch to work. I got 4 of 5 days last week (just started last week).

    1. Thats a great idea and yeah I know o have a lot but it’s broad so I felt like I could pick and choose what I could really accomplish. A lot of these are just live in choices everyday so those I need to just “start” doing. But the rest take planning and more effort!
      Good luck, I probably should have picked fewer.

  8. I like the idea of setting goals especially when it comes to personal relationships. Often improving communication with loved ones ends up last on our to-do list.

    1. Yes people matter and you have to give some effort in those areas… our spouses/sig others- deserve our best versions of ourselves! 🙂 I’ve been doing pretty good and we have talked through our recent spats.

  9. Great tips and suggestions. I think it’s great to step back and evaluate my life and make sure my goals are being reached. With kids, sometimes my goals are pushed to the side, but getting back on track is key!

  10. You have given me some really interesting suggestions. I will definitely keep them in mind when it comes time for me to make resolutions again.

  11. Last November marked my first full year of monthly goal-setting. While I sometimes fall short month-to-month, what I noticed by looking back over a full year is how much I improved myself overall. Setting monthly goals definitely helps me be more intentional with my life. It’s rewarding to see improvement even if I’m not perfect every month.

    BTW, my husband & I buy tons of generic products. It’s all a matter of taste and priority. I buy generic canned goods, for example. I buy generic plain oatmeal, but the Quaker Oats High-Fiber oatmeal (I mix a packet of each together for breakfast). My husband & I mostly shop at Kroger, but I really miss Publix generic stuff. Their pretzel sticks were a phenomenal deal! A big way we save money on groceries is by buying meat on manager’s special. It does interfere with meal-planning, but I still do general meal-planning with a blank space for the meat.

    1. GREAT suggestions! We shop all over. we tried trader joes and health food stores but the price is insane (!) and the quantity is less usually… I need to start meal planning and being proactive about feeding our bodies well. We just signed up with a gym today! 🙂 step one-check!

  12. I stopped making resolutions because I never kept them. My goal is to grow in my relationship with God and to read my Bible daily. I like goals better than resolutions. I enjoyed reading your post 🙂

  13. I think your goals sound wonderful!! We are moving so I need to get organized. We are downsizing so I have too much stuff! It is hard with things everywhere so I want to get organized in all areas of my life and it is a slow process.

    1. Yes I have heard about “the life changing magic of tidying up” have you heard of it? I’m not going absolutely crazy but I’ve given two bags of extra out of season/too small/non wore clothes to goodwill and need to organize all my receipts for taxes! It feels good to cleanse your belongings!

  14. Those are great goals to aspire to. I always set goals and feel bad when I fail. Then someone reminded me that life is the journey not just the destination. I wish you the best of luck with them! (hugs!)

  15. I have a list also, I thank God daily that I have marked off 2, buy a home and a new car, this has been an ongoing process for the last 2 years, I finally made myself make the decisions I have been putting off terrified to make.

  16. Great list for January! I don’t usually do this, as my plans always seem to go awry with my 3 littles under 6. I need to start though!

  17. The biggest to do I accomplished this month was downsizing our storage unit. Now I’m working on decluttering, sorting and repacking in preparation for when we move out of our temporary housing. So far I’ve decluttered a yard size garbage bag of clothes, 5 kitchen size garbage bag of clothes and a box of picture frames I didn’t love. I’ve also set a goal to make some small steps to improve my relationship with my husband.

    1. That’s SUPER helpful! I always forget that I can use Siri… I also write a lot of notes and reminders on my phone. My memory is the worst! I will stop by your site too-thanks so much for coming by.. 🙂

  18. I see a few things on your list that are also on mine. Off to a slow start. Hoping February will be more productive for me.

  19. I always make a list and last year was the first time that I did 3/4 of the items! I guess I was supper motivated. Good luck with your list in Feb.! I know I am going to get a lot done!!!

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