How I Use My Erin Condren Planner

So I mentioned doing this ‘about my planner post’ and people just immediately got excited so I had to put it up but between taking pictures, writing this out and having last minute family in town it’s now here. I really love the new versions of this planner and I’m enjoying the horizontal layout a lot more than the vertical and I have a lot more room. It’s still taking time to fill out and write out to the best of my ability but I love it! What do you think?


Pink Geode snap in cover from Erin Condren with my initials



My 2016 word of the year is FOCUS and I wrote about that here.

This is the inside where I featured my main sticker I got with the planner and I ordered the Metallic post it set! I love being able to pop these in for sudden changes or dates/times I need to remember.

color coding/label



This is my biggest tip and it seems pretty obvious but now I can differentiate between my errands, to do’s and writing time on top of appointments, date nights and other important things I have to remember. Some days there is near nothing and other days so far if it’s not in my planner- then it won’t happen. Even little habit reminders like brushing teeth, drinking water and reading every night has been helpful. Personal things (tv show/coffee date) is always in red so I can easily see it and it stands out to me. The bottom notes area is now for quotes or special things I want to write in and for stickers to show me something. Appointments are in pink and anything blog related is in blue. My daily tasks/to do list like chores and bank trips are in orange and my daily/weekly goals are in green. Black I use for anything else (like family trips/last minute plans) or for corrections I make.  ( I just thought when I start going to the gym and meal planning- I can use black for that!) I’m using the Erin Condren pen pack but I also have a BIC set of colored tip markers (I really like these too) that would work just as well. Just get a variety for each task you have to assign (maybe baby schedule or shifts at work etc).

decorate! washi tape/stickers/post its




Use your resources! get stickers/washi tape from dollar store or target has some great planner accessories for cheap- I know other people who have gotten the same types of things at Hobby Lobby, if you’re area has that. The more I get to decorate the more I feel like I get all the use of out my planner. It’s fun and takes up time which in turn helps me jot down things and events I might have forgotten or make them stand out more to get my attention. I have loved utilizing all my design components and the sweet quote stickers have made my day I use washi tape to decorate each top or bottom of the pages like borders, I want to find more and vary it month to month.




I like to write the most important things first so for me that is my blogging schedule/posts to come and social media planning. I have each task color coded daily as well so I keep a key in the front and I know how I want to write each thing out. The right side box for chores and more of a to do list/errands I have to accomplish. Goals for the day go at the bottom of each day and my personal things I *want* to do like a tv show or going out with a friend. Appointments, due dates and study sessions are all super important so closer to the top the more likely those things wont get lost in the shuffle of the day to day grind.

plan ahead


Gather a list of things you have to do prior to writing it down in your planner so A) you don’t miss anything and B) you can easily see what needs to be written in for the whole week or whole month. Only so much can be planned out but I use a basic editorial calendar on Google Docs for my monthly blog planning- so if I stick to it I can write each post out by week or fill in the whole month. If you have trips or anything long term, block them out on the calendar page where you can visibly see when you’ll be out of town. If you know of appointments-fill them in right away so they don’t get forgotten. I make a point to look at my planner every morning and continue filling it out each day or week at a time. Birthdays on the horizon are important too, I like using the included birthday stickers for those in the monthly calendar so I can see how many I have per month and if I need to text, call or buy a gift (if that’s the case). Other important dates to make sure to include anniversaries,  births, parties or weekly get together’s. I keep my planner on my built in desk in our apartment and try to carve out time every morning or mid-day to fill it in as I go.

make mistakes


This last week was interesting because it was last minute planned out and I had actually filled it out after it had all happened but remember if you use colorful pens like me “LIFE HAPPENS” Things can and will change and it’s okay to cross through and rewrite as needed! That shows that you have a life to live and have a variety of things to do. If every second was perfectly planned out what fun would that be? We’d basically become robots-right? So be flexible and don’t get bummed if it looks super scratched out and used. That’s the point of a planner. You can always cover with decor as I got craft with mine and just put in arrows to switch a few appointments and covered up with stickers, washi tape or even color in over with markers. I’m doing my very best to stick to what’s been planned and written in and not to forget lifes’ little to do’s because cleaning the house still has to get done and so does grocery shopping and that self love time I filled in. So don’t skimp on really filling out everyday. I do and accomplish just as much as I possibly can!

That’s the planner post people! If you have any other tips, tricks or ideas for how I can utilize my planner daily/weekly and monthly more! If you want one of your own- you can use my referral code :


Thanks! I really really hope you enjoy it! The pics kinda suck because my angles kept giving it shadows and I can’t have that! Photog tricks anyone? HELP!


4 thoughts on “How I Use My Erin Condren Planner”

  1. I need to get into using my planner on a regular basis! It’s on my list of things to work on. 🙂 I love the thought of decorating my pages! That is certainly more motivating. 🙂

  2. I have started a planner in 2016 and it truly helps me to stay grounded and focused! I;m not one to uber decorate, but I did use some wash tapes and a little colorful checkbox that’s perfect for scheduling my blog posts and keep track of what I need to finish them.

    I started using only pencils because the thought of making mistakes and have to cross things off freaks me out. I need it neat – but then again, mistakes have happened already.. I just need to get comfortable with life following a different path than what I planned for (literally!)

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