HUSH anesthetic: Tattoo Numbing Gel review


So I got a tattoo a week ago and I was intrigued when my tattoo artist mentioned this product. It helps with pain during tattooing and numbs the most sensitive areas like the ribs, neck, top of foot or elbow (which I thought I was going to get tattooed). I ordered it via Amazon Prime and had it to my apartment in 2 days. It is made with 4% lidocaine as a topical anesthetic in a gel form (also comes in a cream and a aerosol spray). I applied it about 30-45 mins before she started tattooing and wrapped it in saran plastic wrap until it was time to tattoo. The only sensation afterwads I could feel was a tingling/cool feeling which I guess is the numbing agent. Overall pretty helpful!

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Although it didn’t last very long, I didn’t mind it much and it seemed to help a lot more on thinner skin like under my armpit. Usually I take tattoos like a champ but the sensitive parts on this one were a bit harder to brace through. I would probably rate it a 7/8  on a scale of 10, meaning it helped but my arm was not totally numb.

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This is the final product of my tattoo sans color. I had so much fun planning this out with my artist, browsing through flowers and having her sketch them up. We decided to go with a peony, a poppy and two daffodils and two other decorative pieces. I liked watching it get done bit by bit, one flower at a time. I was in the chair pretty solid with a few short breaks for 4 hours. Which is new to me, I haven’t ever had to sit that long and change positions around like that (mostly so she could reach and get to the back of my arm).


I’m really very pleased with how it turned out and what we chose in the end. The healing process has been a little more annoying than usual only because it itches SO bad. It’s the size and the dryness (it’s important to use a healing ointment-NOT petroleum jelly-one that is appropriate for tattoos- like AQUAPHOR  or Aveeno Daily Moisturizing lotion). That’s the healing time doing it’s trick. But it’s pretty much sunken in a week later and looks good. A few tiny lines in the intricate pieces are gonna have to be redone but it’s so thin- it’s not surprising. I am loving this art nouveau style and it goes so well with my existing lotus on my forearm. Once the color is done I’ll have a bouquet of my arm and I’m looking forward to that!


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  1. Oh my gosh! I had no idea a thing existed!! My foots the next place I’m going!! I can’t wait to see the flowers with some color!!

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