Monthly Intention & April Goals


This month was difficult, boring and  completely uneventful. Then last week, I got very unmotivated and lost my consistency. And for that, I am sorry. So March for me was a F L O P.  But I hope it was better for you.

This month I’m gonna kill it! I am re-motivated and I’m just in a different more personal state-of-mind. I want to get my blog and myself re-centered and back in control. For April I’m going to focus on a monthly intention as a small step back to my normal routine and re-emerge into my blog spacePamela (Hodge Podge Moments blog) does this linkup once a month or so, you can find the details here on that. I’m brand new to it so let’s try this together-just breathe and take the pressure off.

(I’m going to use the same format that she does for my ease):  I completely agree with what Pamela said below, so these are her words NOT mine.

“There’s nothing I can do about March, but I can look ahead to April and set new goals to help me move forward. I’m using the Monthly Intention format again. Make sure you’re subscribed to Blog Intentions to get the free printable each month!”
April Intention:
Define It:
1. Discover what I want to blog about
2. Have honest intent on writing and being throughout
3. To love what I do
4. To help others in any subject I know- I may be able to advise and have empathy for others in situations I’ve been through
1. Organize closet and purge a few clothes
2. Read one book this month
3. Get back to blogging regularly
Personal Goals:
  1. Start reading at night instead of playing games on my phone
  2. Rearrange outdoor storage closet 
  3. Srink more water
  4. Have a couple date nights but try not to eat out and cook at home regularly

Blog Goals:

  1. Update my blog and social media numbers on my goals page
  2. Update tattoo page-in progress
  3. Re-categorize and label all posts, blog spring cleaning/maintenance
  4. Stay focused on linkups and sharing all posts via social media

I’m going to do my best on this, I made it short but sweet for that purpose alone. I got way off track somehow and tried to keep writing with some sense of consistency but eventually just withdrew.

I hope you’ll understand and continue to keep reading and I can only imagine that you will pull something away from this place of mine. Now I have to stop apologizing and just keep writing.

Be sure to link up with Pamela and leave me a comment telling me what your goals are for the month.

Hope you’re having a good day!

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