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The other day I purged my closet and after I did so, I was very proud of myself. It didn’t take long but it was pretty complicated and was a big to do. I haven’t ever really organized my closet and I tried to have a strategy and a clear way of doing it. By turning my hangers around for one and my sectioning off my types of shirts/pants/coats/etc. I started by picking out things I knew I wouldn’t wear or pieces and tops that were worn or too small. That cleared out a lot even- and then by moving my jackets appropriate for springtime to the front closet, that made even more room.

So the next day I went shopping, only deciding to be conscious of what I needed and was missing in my wardrobe for spring/summer. Tank tops, layering pieces like bralettes (I didn’t have any…) and tops/kimonos I could wear when it does get really hot here. I looked around a few stores before I walked into a little boutique called “Francesca’s” that I had popped into once or twice. However never found anything available in my petite extra small sizes- but that day, I had a savvy shopping ally named Rhiannon. She was small, a bit spunky and my same size- so she knew exactly where all the goods were. I was seriously overjoyed because I love their clothes and accessories but she explained how their shop only gets 5-10 of the same piece every shipment and only 1-2 are extra smalls! I was super lucky to be working with her and she helped me out a great deal and offered her input on my purchases-woman to woman.

Here’s what I purchased:


This is a black bralette with a racer-back style – to wear under some of these looser fitting tanks and crop tops I got. I didn’t have any and the shirts I bought just wouldn’t feel or look right wearing a normal bra. So I’m trying this style and plus it’s all for warmer weather-who wants to wear a bra when they don’t have to?! AM I RIGHT!?

mintstrap mintstrap2

This first one was the initial piece I fell in love with! Flowy and long and layered with that black bralette- just perfection. I can’t wait to show off my tattoos on my arms in this one. It is a bit wrinkly but I’m sure once I dry it on delicate I can perm press them all out. I can pair this perfectly with anything from a sweater to a black leather jacket to skinny jeans or moto pants and heels. I can see so many outfits with this one.

minttank minttank2

This second one was a everyday version of the first one, no need for a bralette necessarily; but is cute just out and about in town when it’s sunny and warmer out. I like the lacey paneling down the front and the sweet eye hole in the back. and the asymmetrical sides look so adorable and actually make me look taller somehow. I can’t wait to wear it!

flowyfloral flowyfloral2

The material on this one is what I just couldn’t get enough of. REALLY. I kept feeling it. It’s a stretchy cool Lycra/Spandex feel, bouncy and flowy. The mixed matched patched print was just enough to say “yes” to. The back is exactly the same style as the mint top (pictured above), the top comes higher up and the back falls lower -another asymmetrical top but I really enjoy the way they look on me.

navyboxy navyboxy2

Last boxy top that I found at the last second, totally different than anything I’d really wear. Not so much my style it doesn’t have much shape and kind of just sits on your shoulders. But it’s perfect for a cool evening, maybe a roof bar or out with friends or to a nicer restaurant on a summer day. Anyway, it’s just cool and in my mind, looks tribal printed. It’s a lighter denim fabric and I loved how it looked on once I threw it on over my shoulders and struggled to get out of it with that gosh darn eye button.  I might have been stuck and asked my new store clerk BFF to help me escape! Ha ha, true story!

I have a few other orders coming in the mail from online and also from other stores so keep an eye out and be SURE to tell me if you enjoy these posts- in the future maybe I can persuade my husband into taking pictures of me wearing them!

So I’d like to know now which one is your favorite and if you shop typically at boutiques or big box stores, chains or where? If you want to see these pieces in action please make sure you’re following me on Instagram (I am set to private because I get an enormous amount of spam and gross requests but I approve just about everyone-as long as you’re REAL and not selling It Works). Don’t forget to link up to the linkys I co-host Bloggy Brunch- Sundays & It’s All About Me-Monday nights 9pm-12am PST, buttons are on sidebar. We’d love to have you so make sure you mention it to all your friends and we love to hear from you and respond no matter what. Please don’t be shy! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Spring Haul with Francesca’s boutique”

  1. I SO want a lace bralette or 2, but I want it to have just slight padding and I haven’t been able to find one like that yet! I really love that last top–I’m with you, it’s not necessarily something that totally stands out as ‘my style’ but it looks like it would be perfect for summer!

    1. Thanks I’m really coming out of my style shell and it is so good! I love the bralettes- I got some more of mine from an app called Wish and also from Jane.com a flash sale site.. great deals! I know VS came out with some too just recently!

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