May Monthly Intentions: Being Thorough

may monthly intentions

If you’d like to join us you can see how HERE and read through Pamela’s Monthly Intentions archive since January. Here’s my small goals for this month and how I plan to achieve them.

May Intention:


Define It:

  1. Create topics that nail and stay specific for my blog (Marriage, Personal Growth/Stories, Pets and Linkups)
  2. Focus on a real outline, good content, valid points and a wrap up/conclusion-ending message or question, something to leave them thinking about
  3. Add in quality pictures/stock that can be customized and vamped up with branding
  4. Work on titles and SEO; if possible


  1. Keep the apartment clean and orderly
  2. Keep reading nightly/every few days- finish one book in May

I like to do monthly goals usually but I really like this intentions post and how specific and narrow it makes me work more efficiently. Don’t take my word for it- try it yourself this month and link up!


14 thoughts on “May Monthly Intentions: Being Thorough”

    1. Pamela is so smart for coming up with these linkups and exercises- she doesn’t know how much she helps me and many others! 🙂

    1. SEO is just a brand new thing to me, I haven’t tried it much and seems very complicated! Thanks for the kind words Neely!

    1. Hope I inspired you to go write yours! They really truly help me progress and grow each month. Please share them

  1. I think being specific is good, you can’t possibly do everything in your life perfectly so it helps to prioritize where your energy goes. Very practical and smart!

    1. Usually I choose way too many goals to focus on and end up accomplishing nothing. But my energy is being prioritized- I like that! Thanks!

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