BEST WEEK EVER! 6/25-7/3/16




Back in like December we planned having one of Sean’s friends, Justin, to come stay with us for a week to hang out and show him the around Portland. He has never been to Oregon so we had a lot to pack in for 8 days. June 25th we had him fly in and we were all so excited for a fun week! We arrived early and had a lovely breakfast at Beaches. Then we learned his flight was delayed and bags were “misplaced”-although they were on the flight and the flight was only delayed due to Obama being in town for a conference.  He easily found us, we grabbed his bags and we were on our way!


Since we promised all these great outings we got right to it the next day. We all got up bright and early to head off to the Oregon Zoo! We saw the new elephant habitat (that tripled in size) and their new lake outdoor area.  We saw the cheetahs and their habitat, none of us realized that they were so naturally thin in body size. We also really enjoyed the sea lion and the giraffes. I really enjoyed all of it. We did get stuffed animals and tee shirts on our way out as well- Justin had to have a memento to take back with him.  On the way home we stopped by Hawthorne which is a hipster/chill kind of street in the SE Portland area with all kinds of cool shops and restaurants. But we were too tired from the zoo so we didn’t stay long. We walked up and down once and took a different way home.


The next day we went to the mall to explore, spend a bit of “fun time” and show him some cool stores that had some gaming and nerdy stuff that he’s into. We jumped into Famous Footwear, Game Stop, Hot Topic and Build a Bear.


After a day of rest, the next place we took him was Darcells, a local famous drag club and show in downtown Portland. It’s a great venue and lots of fun for everyone alike. It’s about an hour long show in which people basically get (drag)ged up on stage and embarrassed. The victim this time- was my very straight husband and not our very not straight friend and it was his birthday too. It was pretty funny! We got lots of pictures and video which you can check out below… get ready!


The night after we celebrated Sean’s birthday at Dave & Busters, the adult arcade and restaurant. We invited Sean’s parents too so they could come celebrate a little and having dinner together. Each of us enjoyed a drink (or two) and some easy lovely dinner. Sean’s parents have never been there so they checked out the arcade and looked around and then went home so we could play games. A few hours later we had played almost all the games and earned about 11,000+ tickets/points to redeem. He was able to get a giant (2ft or more) Pikachu Pokemon. He was SO excited to get it and bring it home- we still have to ship it back to Kansas. At some point we went to Shirleys Tippy Canoe restaurant. It was on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives show on Food network – the view and the food were incredible! We have gone back since, still amazing and great live music on weekends.



The last day we took a walk around the lake and saw the Finding Dory movie. We took the dogs with us on the walk and Maggie was so tired by the end of it panting and laying on the cool floor. Bouncer loved the walk and was happy the whole way. We took a few pictures on the way and talked about the differences between Kansas and Oregon. The movie was amazing! It was much more heartfelt and emotional than the first edition but had some parts when Dory was just “being Dory”.  It also touched base on a lot of the prior movie and the details in it. I really enjoyed it and might have gotten teary eyed a few times.

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When we act ually had to take him to the airport to be honest, it was hard because a week with someone new, having all this fun and then to see them fly home and return to “real life” is hard to do. We spent some time, got his ticket printed, checked him into his flight and then we hugged and said goodbye. We miss him a lot but the guys talk frequently and he’ll be planning to come back again next year with his vacation days off. I’m so happy it all worked out and he really enjoyed his first trip to Oregon! Next time…… BEACH!


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    1. We had literally SO MUCH FUN! I wish he could live here- he’d be the perfect roommate and we would all get along.. or he could live in the same city at least. But Kansas had to take him back..
      and yes, someday over the rainbow we will also meet! 🙂 and then you’ll have a sweet baby with you too… <3

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