September Goals


A fresh start. A new month. Fall will be here before we even notice. I feel like this year has flown by-it’s no joke we are more than half done with 2016; isn’t that just CRAZY?! So let’s jump right in and share what our September Goals are.

stick to budget

We have carefully divvied up the budget just how we need to with food, bills, debt and rent (and what’s left over is a decent amount) and savings to a point we agreed upon. We have a tend to over spend and it gets away from us before we know it. We need to be really conscious of our pennies just so we can learn and be aware of it. I’ve seen a HUGE amount of progress in us and we aren’t nearly as spontaneous with our money now, we are much more planned out.

read 2-3 books

I’ve been into books and audio books a lot lately especially on an app called Tun.In. Lately it’s been Yes Please by Amy Pohler and it’s self narrated which I love! She couldn’t have done a better job. I enjoy her comedy and movies anyway so no doubt I’d love the book. I also am starting “A Complaint Free World” which I won in the group I talked about at the beginning of the month in a 7 day complaint free challenge that changed my LIFE. I loved it! I am still using the skills and building on them daily. SO my goal for this month is two (or more) books completed, that’s the kicker!

move and keep new house clean

I want to move in and have it feel like home but NOT be a pigsty right off the bat. I will be more conscious of take it out, use it, wash it, put it away. Vacuum regularly. Dust. Laundry-Fold-Put away. I tend to do things halfway, so for me it’s all about completion and not being lazy. And making the two guys, help me when I need them. (ha ha) No really, they will- they always do. I appreciate it so much!

eat at home

Don’t go out. It’s not convenient on your wallet when we have a kitchen full of food and two hands to make food. Quit being lazy and learn to cook something new. Follow a recipe. Create a new meal. Ask for help. Eat nutritious and healthiest you possibly can because you’ll feel better in the end as well. Plus you stay more full longer and have 3-5 square meals versus junk all day. Once and a while of a “nice cheat meal” is okay but less than our usual. We have a crockpot, grill, and need to cut back on soda and other junk- so that’s what I want to work towards.

marriage more

Let’s face it- no one’s marriage is perfect but ours is pretty great! That being said, sometimes I have a tendency to drift and create space between my partner and myself. Totally not even on purpose but it happens and tends to really hurt our relationship. I would like to start taking the dogs on nightly walks, watching movies together more,  have nice dinners together and make our intimate time a priority. Two people aren’t always on the same page and well, it needs to change. I want to feel completely connected to my husband.

blog regularly

I have a project (or 10) in the making so stick around and hopefully I won’t lose ya. There’ll be some transitions in the next month or sooner. I’ve been crazy lazy this summer and well May/June stunk for being a good little blogger. I aim to blog regularly 3-4 times a week. Either M/W/F and Sunday for Bloggy Brunch OR T/TH/Sunday. Sometimes it’s off like this week is a M/Th/Fri/Sun- still 4x a week. So I’m happy as long as the ideas and drafting build up and go well. I want o share my heart and my thoughts in a deeper more meaningful way. Some things coming up are:

| So go check those exciting things out! 🙂

Thanks for reading and sticking with me! Leave a memo down below and tell me what you’re looking forward to in September!

I can’t wait to move. EEK! 9/10/16


2 thoughts on “September Goals”

  1. I might need to check out his
    those happenings you have there. And, I’ll give a woot woot foe sticking to your budget. We have gotten a little off track lately, but we’re headed back the right way!

    In September, I want to get so much done, namely finish the behind the scenes stuff and publish the “new” blog October 1! I also want to get more time in with Hun and reading with the boys 🙂

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