Coffee Date 10/28


So coffee dates are one of my favorite things especially in the fall when it gets cold. Getting bundled up in a blanket or sitting by the fire in a comfy chair in the nearest Starbucks, Peet’s, The Grind or the closest coffee shop hole in the wall. The environment is unlike any other place there’s a hustle and bustle, busy also pretty calm and quiet. It’s cool being around people meeting others, some deep in conversation, working on papers, projects or just jotting down their inspiration. I want to take you into my corner nook for coffee this morning and share with you the goings on in my life right now. Grab your favorite warm drink- (coffee, cocoa, tea- whatever it may be) take a seat and join me in bonding time where we get to know each other.

  • Things have been SO boring around here lately. However, I’ve been watching a lot of tv and movies lately to keep me occupied. Usually I’m not one for deep movies but I’ve been so into documentaries and personal biography type stories. “The Witness” and “Shenandoah”. I really loved each of these films and I would suggest them to anyone who likes to discover new things and watch about people.
  • I’ve been blogging my butt off this past two or three weeks. In case you missed any awesome new posts 1) make sure you’re following me on social media and 2) here are some I don’t want you to miss:

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Currently: October

  • I have finally gotten my email organization under control. Well mainly, I need to flush out my separate folders BLOG (& sub-folders), PERSONAL, WORK and SAVED MAIL. But with the help of INBOX by Gmail it’s been easier to do.
  • It’s been really nice to hang out with some friends of mine and stay in touch closer with people I don’t get to talk to as often. as well as weed out those who bring me down and waste my time and give me only negative energy, I only accept positive loving people in my circle, I have recently learned the power of few quality people.
  • Also we tried staying up all night last night because we couldn’t sleep so it went like this: at 2am we thought man we are still wide awake so let’s stay up. We were good until about oh, 12pm/noon and then we FELL ASLEEP hardcore.Slept until 4:30pm, ugh- now it’s 12:12am. Needless to say our sleep schedule is messed up.

So that’s your coffee date for Friday I hope you enjoyed it! If we were having coffee what would you tell me? What would you be drinking and/or wearing, since the seasons are changing now?


2 thoughts on “Coffee Date 10/28”

  1. I love peppermint hot chocolate or peppermint mochas in the fall or winter (even though I have them year-round). It’s like you’re tasting the cold while being warmed up (if that makes sense lol). And since it’s cold out now, there’s no judgement in wearing sweats and thick sweatshirts on a daily basis. ☺️

    1. Especially in Oregon, it’s so wet and nasty here already. I thought I was ready but I was wrong. I’ve started having tea like DAILY!

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