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Hello and welcome to another Currently October edition. I know plenty of others who do this post often but don’t know it’s origin so props to whoever started it.  I love writing these posts to keep you up with what I’m loving at this time. To be honest I’m doing more listening and much more writing than reading but I can recoup on what I’m planning to read sometime soon. I really want to but it’s hard to sit down and get focused to read-that to me is challenging. I have plenty to say for the rest so let’s get started:


Reading:I bought “Simply Tuesday” which I haven’t started just yet. I’ve heard amazing reviews though so I’m excited to read it. I have been using and enjoying my “Instant Happy Journal” . I have a bunch of books on my kindle/audible that I’m excited to read-

  • unstuffed
  • blog inc
  • make it happen
  • the husbands secret
  • adventures for your soul
  • 5 love languages (again)
  • me before you
  • you are a badass
  • everything we keep

Listening: to all the music. I’ve been writing down new artists I like and songs than catch and earful. I’m liking a band called Radical Face and I don’t know how to place them besides alternative indie.  I really enjoy it and it’s on the calmer side so it’s good blog playlist music. (if you’d like to see a blogging playlist- I can do that, let me know in the comments)

Going: to the store mostly for decor and new housewares. We’ve been finding cute decorations for the house. There’s so much  open spots and places for special decor and we don’t like our place being blank so we are quickly filling it.

Doing: I’ve been busy blogging a lot lately and brainstorming new and interesting topics to share. There’s treasure in new content that people will find valuable. If you think of a specific topic you’d like to see me write about- please let me know. You are all so special to me. I’m improving this blog bit by bit. Or if you’d like to guest post for me or have me guest post for you let me know- I’m wide open and more than willing to feature you.

Looking forward to: the holidays and the end of the year, 2016 has flown by! I love having a fresh start when the new year comes. But being in a new house makes everything that much more exciting and I can’t wait to do our own thing this year and get on top again.

Loving: My work space. I have a nice tidy, semi-quiet little corner that I can play my music and concentrate on the tasks at hand. I am loving our whole house. I feel lucky that we get to live here (aside from some maintenance set-backs, I’m just looking forward to doing so much more LIVING here. I need to get on top of my time management and come up with a new ‘work’ schedule and I think I’ll become 100% more efficient.

And with that, it’s the end of this currently october edition but stay tuned for more october fun and

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  1. 2016 has really flown by! I can’t believe we’re almost halfway through October already.

    Also, I love my workspace too. It’s a bit of a mess at the moment, but it still inspires me.

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