Fall Bucket List 2016


I’ve seen so many of these Fall Bucket lists that I figured I’d do the same. Maybe with more down to earth, mellow at home things because I’m a homebody and probably wont be able to get out very much this season until later in the year.

1. Decorate for fall- CHECK
2. Wear sweaters and boots-CHECK
3. Drink Apple Cider
4. Have a movie marathon
5. Hand out candy on Halloween
6. Burn fall scents (candles or scentsy)
7. Bake cookies- CHECK
8. Take fall pictures
9. Look at the changing leaves & be thankful
10. Make a Autumn/Fall playlist


I hope these give you some new ideas. And especially for you homebodies or folks who might not be into the “outdoors”.

Leave me a comment of something fun you’ve done and are going to do before the season is over!


11 thoughts on “Fall Bucket List 2016”

  1. Oooh, I like the idea of making an autumn playlist. My musical preferences change with the seasons. During the summer I love more hip-hop & dance music. During fall and winter I always listen to a lot of alternative/rock. Suits the mood! 🙂

  2. Oh, isn’t fall just the best! i have been seeing lots of these posts in my feed today and it makes my heart so happy! I just love FALL!
    Great bucket list!
    Happy Monday, dear xxx

  3. My fall bucket list is
    -Take pictures with the soon-to-be-hubby
    -Go on a hay ride
    -Curl up in a thick sweater while drinking hot cider or coffee
    -Do some crafts with the leaves falling outside
    -Up my DIY Halloween costume game

  4. I love this! Most fall bucket lists are filled with hayrides and pumpkin picking, but yours is way more my style! I need to get on decorating for sure before it’s too late and becomes Christmas season haha.

  5. What a fun bucket list! I love how they are things you can do at home. I took fall pictures this past weekend, and can’t wait to finally be able to dress for fall (it’s been WAY too hot in Texas!).

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