October Intentions


A whole new month is upon us and geez how fast did October get here?? Three more months of 2016- Can you believe it?! I usually do monthly goals posts and I think I only missed September in the madness of moving and unpacking- but they got achieved which is the truth. We’ve finished everything we wanted to get done fast. I’ve been getting back on my blogging game and with the help of Pamela and these goals- I hope to slide out of 2016 with a lot logged in my archives and a new audience who’s excited for TPM in 2017! Here’s a small break down of each goal and achievable steps to get there; mine and Pam’s were a lot alike but working together makes daydreams come true- so here’s to us!


  1. Stick to my blog schedule M/W/F/Sun
  •  schedule tme to brainstorm and write blogs
  • Schedule social media with Hootsuite
  • Make use of #powerhour with Pamela and Raewyn

2. Keep house in order (chore days & weekends catch up)

  • Laundry-Tuesday or Thursday
  • Dishes-at use or at nights before bed
  • Vacuum-Wednesdays
  • Shorties Cage: Saturday
  • Tidy- Daily

3. Create a daily routine

  • Make and follow a morning routine
  • Make and follow a nightly routine

4. Organize/Update Blog

  • make drafts/brainstorm re-do pages (Emily Finta)
  • create idea for uniform graphics
  • create categories and update tags
  • mission statement & welcome page

5. Create a self love/self care time daily-weekly

  • write daily in instant happy journal
  • read excerpt from find your happy daily mantras
  • write a bit in 52 weeks of ….. happiness/list project books
  • read/listen to a self growing type of book (audible, blog related or like “complaint free world”

6. Learning Hour-make the blog better, streamlined and grow it

  • do things about learning how to make the blog better
  • read ebooks, webinars and posts about growing, social media etc.
  • newsletter business
  • batch-writing and blog scheduling

what are your october goals? do you do monthly goals? do you have a blog (if so drop a link below!)? 


5 thoughts on “October Intentions”

    1. I’ll be blogging about it next month but essentially it’s a time I set aside to learn. I found myself getting distracted when I found valuable information so I set up a time to tackle all of the stuff I was pinning or receiving via emails. 🙂

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