5 ways I’m like Jess from “New Girl”


Here I am serially watching this show,  have you heard of it- it’s called New Girl. It’s about a girl named Jess who moves in with three male roommates who are all uniquely and vastly different and all have a goofy quirk in common. I thought it’d be so much fun to correlate the ways I’m like Jess, because as I watched I saw so many similarities! Maybe as I explain you’ll see what I mean. Do you have similarities with her? What did I miss or skip over that you see in Jess?

She never gives up:

If she’s in trouble or in a sticky situation, she finds a way out or creates an exit strategy easily. She relies on her friends and her intuition to get through it. She thinks through her outcomes and chooses the one truest to herself.

She’s quirky/weird:

She doesn’t apologize for who she is. She is weird and quirky. Her mannerisms are off the cuff and just unexpected. Giving people the ‘finger’ or creating funny faces or silly voices just happens in the world of Jess and that’s something I emulate.

She’s always there for her friends:

When her friends are in trouble, sad or happy about something- she’s right there experiencing it with them. Really she wants to be immersed in their lives and be counted on as a true comrade. Close to me, are my friends that are more like family- I love them and I always say ‘family isn’t always blood’. This just goes to show that’s true.

She is herself-without apologies:

When things go wrong or something is surprising to others with her oddball personality- she isn’t ashamed or shy about who she is. Similar to the point I made above she is proud of being unique and in tune with her one-ness.

She has a plan for everything:

Figuring out her world especially when she’s in a bind is a quality that is big with Jess. Finding a way out of a predicament or awkward situation. On a daily basis there’s something that has to be fixed or worked out, someone needs a talk or rescuing so here’s where her skill breaks out. I try to always come to my friends aide and I’m always telling everyone if I’m not physically available I’m always here to talk or communicate with them and offer support in some other way.

I hope you enjoyed this post. It was quick and straight from my brain in watching this show. If you liked it please leave a comment below telling me why or what I missed. Do you watch New Girl? Do you like it? Who’s your favorite character?  I really like Ceecee. 😉


4 thoughts on “5 ways I’m like Jess from “New Girl””

    1. thanks for commenting sweetie! I didn’t realize until now that I mis counted my points and had to redo my graphic! appreciate you being a doll….I thought it was pretty original and I liked it! You should watch it so check it out on Netflix.

    1. Yeah my husband always asks what I’m watching when I’m cracking up usually it’s this show! 😛 who’s your fave character? i really like Coach too!

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