BB #44


Oh hi there! Great to see you again. I hope you’re back joining us for another week of #bloggybrunch linkup. Truth is we had a chat but after several weeks of it just being not as successful as we hoped – we just canned it. Pamela is steadily working on lots of new projects though and I’m trying to focus on better content and steady posts. As well as a possible newsletter and maybe some free content upgrades. what would you like to see? A checklist of some kind? A photography linkup? A quote or saying for the season? Let me know. 


This is my favorite of the month from my link-up partner, it really helps when I don’t know what to post monthly. She gives me so much inspiration on the daily! She is the greatest person to bounce ideas off of and brainstorm with. Go check out her blog for monthly prompt and ideas when you’re stuck. *click picture for link*


Coincidentally, my other linkup partner (Alex) also had my favorite of the month for her October Monthly Goals and aspirations post. I just really enjoy people making goals and checking them off.




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