BB #46

Bloggy Brunch linkup

Hey there fabulous ladies and gents! it’s nearing the end of November and I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is this coming week! WHAT!I dunno about you but food is my favorite part of thanksgiving. We always have these green beans and bacon and it’s my favorite thing all day! Normally we go to my husbands’ side of the family so that’s nice since we only see them on holidays. Anyway well another week of sharing and showing love to our bloggy counterparts in this wonderful linkup.

I’m finally on a good blogging schedule and getting really proud of what I’m producing here. So go check out my last few posts if you missed them or follow me on social media. I’m still working on doing a newsletter so if you’re reading through this now- tell me if you’d subscribe to my content in a newsletter! I really want to grow and keep posting to show people what I have to offer and say what’s in my heart. I think you’d like it I have a bunch of regulars as it is and I’ve been getting comments from all kinds of newbies!



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    1. Thanks doll! You’ve been around for some time too I believe, thanks for the support! LOVE knowing people really do enjoy my space I work hard to create. <3

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