Currently: November


Current book: Still listening to “You are a Badass” on audible- although I love it, I think I could follow the printed version of this better than spoken, plus I don’t enjoy he way its narrated.

Current music: I’m loving this song I found randomly on Shuffle Radio on Pandora.

Current non-guilty pleasure: Staying up VERY late/early in the AM. I really kinda enjoy it this way only because I feel myself being more awake and twice as productive at night time.

Current drink: Apple Juice. Still not good for you like soda isn’t but that’s okay. I need more water in my day.

Current food: I’m loving chips. I have a salty tooth lately that I can’t get enough of, made me breakout on my lip/chin. (downside)

Current obsession: I love notebooks! I didn’t realize how many empty, still useful notebooks I still have. And desk things like pens… two new packages of fresh pens.. *sighs* 🙂

Current craving: CHOCOLATE! I had such a craving…. Halloween candy is my saving grace.

Current need: I absolutely should get on top of my social media game for my blog. I’ve been trying to get ahead on my posts but I forget to share to multiple outlets.

Current indulgence: Clothes. I need winter clothes. I’m pinning all the things I want for the upcoming season. Trying to find some deals and save some money on quality pieces- that will last awhile longer.

Current beauty product: Hair mask by Formula 18.  I can’t believe the repair it’s been doing on my hair.


Current procrastination: TV shows. For sure. I should be blogging and getting ahead but instead I had to finish the season collection of Parenthood. If you haven’t seen it- it’s on Netflix- go NOW! #allthefeels

Current confession:  I have been addicted  to YouTube and my subscriptions in my box. I love watching and relating, watching and enjoying my subbies. It’s more of something I get sucked into when I have blog posts to write or whatnot. I love it though and it inspires me to continue to write what I love.

Current excitement: I love blogging and I’m getting more happy the more inspired I am. Making some strides towards growing and expanding my blog into more of a business. I need work hours.. HELP! How do you move from a basic blog-> to a business like blog/marketing? Leave a comment below!

Current mood: Dealing with life…. (I’m down because of the election- but NO conversation on that, mostly sad for our state and all the rioting) Happy for the holiday season to start and content and cozy in the bad weather lately. Can’t wait!

Taken this from Running with Spoons blog for the Currently series she participates in. 


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    1. Thank you so much! 🙂 I’m so excited to have some new readers~ Come back again…I follow you too come to think of it! lol

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