A Day in the Life: Bouncer & Maggie


Ruh Roh! (hello in dog) I’m Bouncer and this is my rambunctious sister Maggie. We live with our mommy and daddy-maybe you know them? I wanted to tell you what we do all day and show you how much fun we have.


First, we wake Mom up by wiggling around in the bed (stepping on her face and hair) and giving her all the kisses. But she doesn’t like it so much because she says our breath stinks. She gets kinda upset because she likes to sleep like we do, we have that in common. We all get up and jump outta bed like big dogs that we think we are. We run and jump and get all excited to get fed breakfast. We are not so patient when it comes to our “puppy food” and we know when you say that! Scarfing our food down in 5 mins or less flat, then we use our chew toys “our lambie” and we chew on him until he falls apart. Then going outside for potty isn’t our favorite thing in the world, sometimes we go and sometimes we just don’t want to. When we have accidents mommy gets real mad and puts us back outside to try again.


We play and sometimes we sleep but most of the day is free time and up to us. We follow mom and dad around the house back and forth all day long. Mommy is a blogger– do you know what that is?! Well she’s on that thing a lot and it makes a click-clacky noise, but we don’t mind. Usually she cuddles us under a cozy blanket while she does whatever she does on that computer. She talks to us in a silly voice, loves us and sometimes we get to play with the laser too- we love that piece of light more than the cat. Sometimes we bark too much or we jump all over company but it’s only because we love the attention and we are so friendly and needy.


About 5 or 6 o clock, we know it’s time for our next “puppy food time” and boy do we get excited all over again! It’s like we just can’t contain it, we run circles around the house telling mommy exactly what she already knows-that we are hungry. Then we get antsy like a half hour later and mommy let’s us out again, we love to run around and say hi (bark) at the neighbor dogs. Those guys are much bigger than us but we aren’t afraid at all- we can hold our own. We come back in from the rain and get dried off on a towel (that’s our favorite part!). Mommy says DRY OFF! and I know how to do it all by myself, wiggle my butt and scoot all over. I  toss and turn to get all the water off my back and belly. My sister though needs more help doing that. If we were good, we get a cookie and that’s a special thing. We beg mommy and jump around all crazy waiting for them. At night we watch tv and I play more with my sister Maggie, we get hyper and throw all our toys out of the basket, I know how to put them away back in the basket- ya know I’m a smart dog.

This is our typical daily routine but of course it varies if we do anything special like go on walks which we also love. I hope you enjoyed reading about us and our family. Come back soon!



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