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In my spare time I love to watch shows and movies on Netflix and it’s my favorite self care agenda. There’s so many that  I watch to choose from that I thought I should share with you. These are documentaries honestly but I’ve been really into them lately and all these shocking truth stories are riveting. I hope you like my suggestions.


This is a documentary about the assault & imminent murder of a minority Mexican man in a primarily small town white town in the south. The town backed them up and almost no fault was to blame the young boys who did it and the authorities who covered it up. It is a gross view of our countries grave justice system.

Who took Johnny?

An investigation of a cold case tries to determine what became of Iowa paperboy Johnny Gosch, who disappeared 30 years earlier. A tragic story of Johnny, a boy taken from his small hometown and his parents relentless search to find his kidnapper and bring them to justice.

Audrie & Daisy

Two personal stories about two girls sexually violated by people they once knew  and the fallout that came from it, the trauma and the aftermath of dealing with life after being assaulted. Very sad, honest recollection of these girls stories and moving scenes true to scenario.

The Witness

It’s a moving story about a woman named Kitty Genovese who was killed in front of 38 strangers who did nothing. It was the story to break the newspapers and has been hidden in the past for generations. Her brother conducted a story about her loss and what transpired because of it- like the 911 system itself so folks could report suspicions right away anonymously.

Finding Vivian Maier

A biological timeline about a nanny who had many secrets involving her identity and her hidden talent- photography and art. Follow along while a guy who stumbles upon her things goes digging into her life to make her known for more than just being a invisible nanny.

Kids for Cash

A scandal/conspiracy about Judge Civarella and Judge Monahan who supposedly sold kids to a private juvenile camp for cash kickbacks, The judges got sucked up in the mess and this is the story about the kids who were victims of the triangle of the system mess. Another sad case about our flawed justice system.

I hope you’ll check all these out! I really enjoyed them and I think you will too.


I’d love if you left me a comment or a list of some Netflix or Hulu favorites you have- maybe I haven’t seen them. I hope you love the movies/documentaries I’ve chosen for you.


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