What I Got For Christmas 2017

Christmas is always unconventional for us and what I mean by that is this- we are so IMPATIENT. We cannot wait until December 25th for the action to happen. Going to buy things for each other pretty early in the month and stay out of the hustle and bustle. I loved having big family holidays and regular traditions but I don’t have that now. As things changed and I grew up, it became less about the familiarity and more about just being with my husband. Usually I enjoy the holidays but with our lifestyle things are so mellow that it doesn’t make much of a difference. Lately I just tried to make it fun and enjoyable. Besides all this, we still love to get things for others. Sometimes we are the go-to gift card people because it’s easy, quick and everyone is happy in the end. This year we are living with a roommate Dillen and his gf is often around which we like. So we all went shopping together and this is my take on what I received from them and my husband (mostly)-he SPOILS me! Here’s a collection of things I received in case you’re interested in getting any of it.

  1. Bob’s Burgers Louise bunny hat

2. “Get Lost In A Book” -Disney Belle shirt

3. “I don’t cook. I’m a scary and powerful fire demon” Calcifer fire character from Howl’s Moving Castle shirt

4. Beauty and the Beast 3/4 length t-shirt

5. Jack and Sally “Nightmare before Christmas” dress

6. The Princess Bride-Inigo Montoya “My name is Inigo Montoya, You killed my father, Prepare to die.” shirt

7. Jack Skellington “Nightmare Before Christmas” sweater (funny story, we both bought this- so I have one to return!)

8. Star Wars Jin’s “Rouge One” sweater

9. Bob’s Burger variety socks (all characters)

10. Assasins Creed sweater  (front/back)

11. Tina pillow (uhhhhh butts)

12. Howls Moving Castle throw

13. Jiji piggy bank (front/back)

14. Howls Moving Castle Heen “HUMPH” shirt (forgot to photograph)

We sat around the tree and exchanged presents right after we shopped and wrapped our gifts for each other. It was a lot of fun and nice to be with each other. I put on a faux fireplace from Netflix on TV with some holiday tunes. We all took turns opening a gift although Sean and I had the most so we just went back and forth. It was fun to share the excitement of what we chose for each other. This year we had a great holiday and it was pleasant seeing family and laughing all together and enjoying stories and recent things to share. I hope you had a great holiday and I’ll be back to regularly scheduled posts starting January 1st! Can you guess what the post will be?

Merry (belated) Christmas!

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